On TV tonight Sunday, August 27, 2023 between movies, series and shows.

We have reached the last Sunday of August and will soon see the TV programs of the TV season 2023/2024 on the main channels. In anticipation of their arrival, free digital terrestrial channels continue to show some of the movies, TV shows and series that captivated viewers in the summer of 2023: here are some tips on what to watch tonight, Sunday, August 27, 2023.

What to watch on TV tonight Sunday, August 27, 2023

Reruns of successful TV series continue on Rai 1 Student 3 with Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale. In the first episode, aired titled “Yanagiba’s Knife”, Alice is intrigued by the arrival of Claudio’s brother, Giacomo, who is very unconventional and with an unusual appearance, and the girl would like to know why they have been separated for so long, but her future husband does not trust her. . However, Alice’s attention is more drawn to the Supreme than to Claudio, appreciating his strictness and lifestyle. On the other hand, the second episode is called “The Stunt Girl” and in it Alice is interested in the story of a stunt double who was the victim of a tragic accident on the set. This complicates her relationship with Claudio as she forgot to come to meet him and Sandro becomes increasingly fascinated by her.

I continue World Championships in Athletics Budapest 2023 on Rai 2 with commentary by Franco Bragnana, technical commentary by Stefano Tilly and Guido Alessandrini and an interview by Elisabetta Caporale. However, from the studio we find Luca Di Bella.

On Rai 3, Francesca Faldini continues her weekly meetings with the program. Girlsdedicated to women in their twenties in the past and today, and the film will be broadcast on Rai 4. Midnight in the rain with Bruce Willis and Megan Fox as two FBI agents. The two actors play Carl Helter and Rebecca Lombardi, who find themselves in Florida, face-to-face with local cop Crawford, who is investigating a series of crimes involving a number of women. Among them is also Rebecca Lombardi, who has been kidnapped by a serial killer and thus begins to fight against time to ensure that she does not become the next victim. The cast also includes Emile Hirsch, Sistine Stallone, Machine Gun Kelly, Lukas Haas, Caitlin Carmichael. This is one of the last films in which Bruce Willis took part after parting from the cinema due to illness.

In Rai Movie, the main character of the film is Bradley Cooper. Taste of Success John Wells, where he plays Adam Jones, a brilliant chef who puts his life in crisis due to problems with alcohol and drugs. After three years of cleaning oysters, he decides to open a restaurant in London to redeem himself and earn his third Michelin star. The cast also includes Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson and Riccardo Scamarcho.

Tonight, Sunday 27 August 2023, an unpublished vision of the friendship between Queen Anne and Lady Sarah Churchill was shown on television on Rai Storia. Favorite (REVIEW #1 – REVIEW #2), the film that earned Olivia Colman the Volpi Cup and the Academy Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Queen Anne alongside Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. In the story, we note how the relationship between Queen Anne and Lady Churchill changes when the latter’s cousin Abigail Masham, who turns out to be a skilled social climber, arrives at court.

On Rai 5, in the sixth and final episode Wild Italy 7: Anthropocene we will talk about how wild animals have joined the new animals present in the city, enriching the biodiversity of some places inhabited by humans, and how they manage to coexist with them. The program will include a documentary. Asti and Monferrato, musical seething Gianfranco Anzini, where many of the artists of the Italian music scene have signed with Mescal, a historic record company, to then explore the most beautiful areas of the territory.

Rete 4 offers a movie Treasure Hunt, a film by Carlo Vanzina about his last work before his death, with a cast formed by Vincenzo Salemme, Mariella Fabbris, Gennaro Guazzo, Carlo Buccirosso, Christiane Filangieri, Serena Rossi, Benedetto Casillo, Francesco Di Leva, Max Tortora and Gianni Franco. The plot revolves around a needy family who are looking for money for an operation on their seriously ill nine-year-old grandson. So they turn to San Gennaro for help, who unexpectedly gives them an answer.

On Channel 5, the usual meeting with the Turkish series continues. girl and officer. In the first aired episode, we will see how Murvet has a strong feeling for Seyit, but it shows his uncle Ali that he wants to marry Sura. Meanwhile, Murveth convinces Ermine that she wants to leave town for his own good. Seyit shows up at the opening ceremony of the hotel along with Sura and this causes a fight with Peter and when Sura defends the latter, Seyit loses his temper and breaks the mirror. This causes distance between them and the man begins to look at Murvet with different eyes and eventually asks Emil for his daughter’s hand, leaving everyone speechless. The Murvet family accepts the news and Sura begins to attract the attention of Serge, a Frenchman who begins courting her. But Sura does not know that Seyit will marry Murvet.

Tonight on television, on Sunday, August 27, 2023, episodes of the series will be shown. FBI: Most Wantedand also on TV8 continues The best of Italy’s talents look forward to the start of the new episode on Disney+ on September 1st, then a jury of Mara Mayonca, Elettra Lamborghini, Xabi Lame and Frank Matano will be led by Aurora Leone and Gianluca “Frou” from The Jackal. And Lamborghini will be hosting alongside comic duo PanPers in reruns of the series. Entertainment only – comedy show.

For those who want to spend an exciting evening, Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece will be broadcast on the Iris channel. shining, adaptation of the book of the same name by Stephen King, in which actor Jack Nicholson, as the protagonist Jack Nicholson, struggles with terrible phenomena at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado.

Reruns of the program continue on Rai Premium Boomerism under the direction of Alessia Marcuzzi, which is confirmed for the second season, and the animated film will be broadcast on Rai Gulp. The Addams Family 2019, in which in the Italian version we find the voices of the main characters: Pino Insegno, Virginia Raffaele, Raul Bova and Loredana Berte.

Note. The broadcast on Sunday, August 27, 2023 is subject to last-minute changes in relation to the above.

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