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Ponte Morandi Long way to the truth

Rai 3 – 21.20
Almost five years have passed since the collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, in which 43 people died. A few months ago the trial began in which 59 people were accused, including former managing director Giovanni Castellucci. The voices of the heroes on what really happened in those hours. According to the prosecution, many people knew the bridge was in poor condition and kept quiet.

power play

La7 – 21.15
A Philip Noyce classic. Jack Ryan (Harrison Ford), a former CIA analyst, in London for a conference, prevents an attack on a member of the royal family in front of Buckingham Palace. He arrests IRA extremist Sean Miller (Sean Bean) and also kills his brother. Released from prison, the man sets out to seek revenge. The cast includes Anne Archer and Samuel L. Jackson.

our things

Rai 1 – 11.25 pm
Bet on the poisoned summer: 1989, Palace of Justice in Palermo. A thriller with three protagonists: a repentant murderer, Salvatore Contorno, a mysterious writer of anonymous letters, the so-called “Crow of Palermo”, and Giovanni Falcone, the judge who dares to challenge the power of the Cosa Nostra and who is most The classic mafia genre has been stigmatized and outlawed before it’s over.

TV Guide Tonight 26 June 2023: First and Second Evening

opinion 1

21.30 Blanca Directed by Jan Maria Michelini with Maria Chiara Giannetta, Giuseppe Zeno, Enzo Passi, Blanca is very interested in a case she is investigating: it concerns Carmine Russo, the father of Sebastiano, the boy she adopted as her sister. Was shown in
23.25 cose nostre poison heat, emilia leads brandy
11.55 pm TG 1 Evening

opinion 2

21.20 CSI: Vegas With Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria. The team rescues a young boy, Michael, who has managed to escape from his captor. Other details soon emerge regarding the disappearance of a girl, Michael’s mother, that happened years ago.
21.20 CSI: Vegas Darling. Paula Newsome with Paula Newsome, Matt Lauria
21.50 CSI: Vegas Dust to Dust. tv show
22.35 CSI: Vegas Bones. tv show
11:40 From underdog Morgan to Renzo Rosso between music and fashion.Laura takes the lead.
Inside of: season 2

opinion 3
21.20 reports The emblematic program of investigative journalism on TV, hosted by Sigfrido Ranucci, returns with his team to talk about justice, inefficiencies of public services, the eco-mafia.
23.15 Rivals – The other side of champion Roberto Mancini. Marco Tardelli leads

network 4
21.20 fourth republic Nicola Porro investigates current affairs, politics and the economy. In-depth analysis of major events affecting the country addressed in the presence of many guests.

channel 5
21.20 temptation island The tenth edition of the documentary, moderated by Filippo Bisciglia, is underway. Prime couples, between the ages of 20 and 35, who will test their love by living separately at a luxury resort with intriguing singles.

Italy 1
21.20 fast and furious Directed by Rob Cohen with Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Rick Yoon, Germany/USA 2001, Action. FBI Agent Brian O’Connor, in order to investigate a series of truck thefts, infiltrates a gang led by Dominic Toretto, who manages the clandestine races.
Inside: 10.50 pm Tgcom24 breaking news, 10.55 pm Meteo.it
11:30 the constable is still on probation Directed by Tim Story. Ice Cube, with Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter (Action, 2016)

21.15 power games Directed by Philip Noyce with Harrison Ford, Patrick Bergin, Anne Archer, USA 1992 Action Jack Ryan, a former CIA agent, foils an attempt on the royal family, but the slain terrorist’s brother takes it out on his own family .
11:30 Fair Play – Spy Hunt Directed by Doug Liman. Naomi Watts, with Sean Penn, Sam Shepard (Action, 2010)

Sky Programming Tonight 26 June 2023

sky one
21.15 Alessandro Borghese – Celebrity Chef (St. 1 ep. 23)
22.20 jyalappa show (St. 1 ep. 6)
0.05 Bruno Barbieri – 4 Hotels (St. 6 Ep. 6, 5)

sky atlantic
22.00 Sculpture (St. 1 ep. 3)
23.00 Sculpture (Vocal)
24.00 Sculpture (St. 1 ep. 3)

sky cinema one
21.15 Whitney Houston – a voice that became a legend. Of. By Lemons, N. with one
11:45 hunger games

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