On vacation in Egypt. Nina Matvienko posed in a swimsuit

Nina Matvienko with her granddaughter (Photo: instagram.com/tonya_matvienko)

The daughter of People’s Artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko Tonya with her whole family went on vacation to Egypt.

On her Instagram page , Tonya Matvienko showed a photo of her daughter and famous mother.

“ Both of you have a name day today, once again I congratulate you on Nina’s Day! On January 27, we honor the memory of Equal-to-the-Apostles Nina, ”signed the photo Tonya Matvienko.

In the photo, Nina Matvienko poses in a swimsuit with her granddaughter, five-year-old Nina. Grandma and granddaughter swim in the sea and look very happy. In the comments, Matvienko’s subscribers congratulate the “ birthday girls”.

Tony Matvienko has two children – daughters Tonya and Nina, the singer gave birth to her second daughter in civil marriage with performer Arsen Mirzoyan. Her mother is 73-year-old Nina Matvienko, a famous singer and People’s Artist of Ukraine.