‘Once again I asked for lightning and…’: When Tom Holland opened up about his problems with eating while dressed as Spider-Man, while Zendaya expressed a different fear

Tom Holland, the charismatic actor who plays Spider-Man, appeared on The Graham Norton Show with his co-star Zendaya and candidly shared the most problematic aspect of his superhero costume. Holland told how his request to add a lightning bolt to his Spider-Man costume was again rejected, making the whole process of using the bathroom hectic. Zendaya also expressed her concerns, which, however, seemed a little different. The superstar feared her co-star might fight back his vomit while wearing a sealed Spider-Man one-piece suit.

Tom Holland’s long-time desire to have lightning in his Spider-Man costume

During the show, Holland revealed that he had an occasional problem with his Spider-Man costume—it was missing an important component: lightning. He humorously recounted how he had asked the costume department again and again for a zipper for his suit, but had never received one.

Holland said: “Yeah, it’s the same thing. As for the latter, there are no changes, I asked for the zip again and did not receive it.” Tom must have felt bad when he realized that Henry Cavill’s Superman costume had “sort of” lightning.

However, lightning wasn’t the only problem with Spider-Man’s suit. Holland said that in order to conserve energy, he had to “pull” his eyes out of the Spider-Man suit and go down a tube “through the hole under the eye socket.” This would allow Holland to drink “something” without taking off his suit.

When Zendaya expressed particular concern about Tom Holland’s lawsuit

While Holland’s problems with the costumes drew laughter and sympathy, Zendaya, who played MJ in the Spider-Man films, shared a rather unique problem. She noted that the Spider-Man costume is a complete ensemble, and if Holland ever needed to vomit while wearing the costume, he would face an insurmountable problem with his costume.

Zendaya shared, “I’ve already spoken about this publicly because I really think we should do something about it. I really think we should all come together, we need to tell someone. Because he likes to, you know, listen, it’s one piece, there’s a helmet and all these things that go underneath it, and I always have this fear that if he wants to work really hard or something happens, he has like , tear it out, let’s say…”

It looks like the Spider-Man actress was seriously worried about her co-star during filming. “What, how?! How is he going to pull this out? It’s a genuine concern, isn’t it? So I honestly, sometimes when I look at him, I think… I’m a little scared, if you will, I don’t know, I I don’t know. It just stresses me out,” Zendaya continued, adding, “It’s true! Because how are you going to pull it off?”

Zendaya’s concern over the one-piece costume highlighted the genuine friendship between the Spider-Man co-stars, adding a touching touch to their on-screen chemistry.

As Spider-Man continues to navigate the MCU, fans can only hope that future suits will come equipped with lightning bolts – and perhaps an emergency exit.

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