One-big-MasterChef rises in the andreia of Jose Mari, and double the Aloha


Monday night, with the semi-finals MasterChef on the left Joseph, Mary, in the water. How to remember your pin! Compared to 23,7% of the audience Ana, The moon, Alberto, Andy and Ivan they have become the winners of the eighth edition of which, it will be a battle of the three, and not two, as usual. One of the last gala, which rose by half a point, and it was followed by a 2.748.000 viewers 1.

Telecinco he was the second choice for the evening. It began with an 11 percent to The house, which was the last time. Later in the film Aloha managed to 10.5% 1.270.000 viewers for the film, which stars Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone. Already in the last night, And 8.3% for the Cristina Tárrega and its Nocturnal animals that was followed by 367.000-fans.

In the Antena 3 (spain.), The Nest included Malena Alterio and Gonzalo Castro as a guest, and you received a 12.5% market share. Winging it the following flojísimo then, with 5.6 percent, and to only 690.000 followers.

The best films of the Friday got to 5.2% with In the eye of the storm and The fourthe story of the In point of sight it was no more than 4.6 percent with a “Covid-19: “reinventing the enterprise”.

In the afternoon, led Telecinco with Save it for me the hand of the Martin Racing getting a by 19.4%, for both the Save Me With An Orange how to Save Me A Tomato.

In the Antena 3 (spain.) an increased 10.4% to Love is forever, Which is 8.5% to Now, I fall down, By 10.8% to Boom and 15.6% for the Pass the word on with Roberto Leal.

To serve and protect it was the most-watched in the afternoon 1 with an average of 8.4%, surpassing even the Here, in the Land that was a 7.7% increase. None of the programs has exceeded one million people.

Friday came back to beat the The four the track on the evening with a 7.2 per cent for the Zapeando and 7.8% for Plus it’s late. It is all a lie with Risto Mejide signed by 5.8%, and The four-day At 5.3%, with Joseph Prat.

In the morning, and by 15.9% for the The program of the summer and a growth of 13.7% to It is already middle of the dayboth Telecinco. In the Antena 3 (spain.)Or 15.1%, to The mirror in the public and Friday with a 13.1% more than for the Aruser@s and 14.4 percent for The bright red. The breakfast room the 1 recorded at 9.5%, and The morning of a of 5.9%.

Susan Blow he recorded a 18,9 percent with the information Antena 3 (spain.) at three in the afternoon, followed by an Informative Telecinco with 15.8 percent, Friday News-14 hour at 11%, and News 1 with a 10.9% and Ana White.

In the evening, by 18.3%, to Pedro Piqueras in the Telecinco and 16.2% for the Vicente Vallés in the Antena 3 (spain.). News 2 in the 1 this was done with a 10.6 per cent from the share screen.


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