One dies more by COVID-19 in Jalisco; van 7


The Secretariat of Health Federal (Ssa) reported one more death in Jalisco by COVID-19; with this added seven in the Entity.

The seventh death confirmed, as reported by the Secretariat of Health Jalisco (SSJ), corresponds to a man of 71 years of age, with a history of diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, asthma, and passive smoking.

The patient, who had a residence in the municipality of Tonalabegan with symptoms of respiratory illness on the 23rd of march and he died on the 5 April at the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara “Dr. Juan I. Menchaca”.

In addition, the cases went from 120 to 123 and the suspects 774 703.

SJS has also ruled out a thousand 184 suspected cases while to date, we have studied patients in 86 municipalities of Jalisco, with infection confirmed by the State Laboratory of Public Health in 17 municipalities.

Adds the municipality of Tuxpan to the municipal territories with a confirmed case.

The majority of the cases are concentrated in the Zapopan and Guadalajara. Outside of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, the municipality of Cuautla has the highest log with ten cases, followed by Port Vallarta, Tomatlán, Tecolotlán, Tlajomulco of Zuniga, Ameca, YahualicaSan Julian , Lagos de Moreno, Tonala, San Juan de los Lagos, El Grullo, Acatic, Tlaquepaque and Tuxpan.

Of the total confirmed cases, 80 per cent of the patients have experienced mild symptoms, so have been handled with insulation in your home. To date have required hospitalization, 25 patients; of them, eight have been discharged due to the improvement, seven due to death, an exit volunteer, and nine are hospitalized: stable (six), severe (two), and very severe (one).

At the federal level the confirmed cases spent the two thousand and 143 two-thousand-439; the deaths of 94 to 125, and suspected cases of five thousand 209 six thousand 295.



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