One Direction’s Niall Horan confesses his biggest fear

One Direction’s massive success has also spawned a number of phobias among its heroes, starting with Niall Horan.

niall horan, The 29-year-old is preparing to release her third album, Display, It seems like a lifetime ago since the smashing success of in the same direction Which completely changed his personal and artistic life. As well as for some consequences that have been overwhelming in its history. Which now only Irish singers shed light on…

“Nightmare” by Niall Horan and One Direction

niall horan In fact, he said he experienced moments of authentic awe of the band’s fans, who are willing to do anything to get a photo or autograph. in the same direction For several years they have again represented the adolescent mass delirium that has characterized the explosion of many boybands, over the course of different generations: Duran Duran Garlic spando balletGive n-sync As far as New kids on the block As far as take it,

Together Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik, Niall Horan lived through the Blender years. A resounding success with countless promotional tasks: “I loved touring, but it was crazy – Horan says today – We went to beautiful countries but didn’t see even a second of these. Our tour was a constant transfer between hotel, concert, plane, hotel, back to the area…. And so on. at the end of the week.”

enthusiastic fans, and many more

Fan obsession has become a real problem. The band had to perform under extraordinary security conditions: “We could never stick our noses out the hotel door. If we went out in the car we were recognized almost immediately, and we were followed by fans…dozens of fans. Sounds cool, but I can guarantee it was really problematic. We were surrounded by security personnel who did not allow anyone to come near. And there were so many, so many problems.
Of course with subsequent consequences, when the group returned home: “Whenever I was in London, I lived exactly like on tour. I was nervous, I was scared to leave the house and so I never did it”.

Niall Horan with Joe Biden during St. Patrick’s Celebrations – Credit ANSA (Velvetmusic)

end of one direction

The eruption occurred shortly after their construction in 2010. in the same direction They disbanded after a few years, producing five albums and four world tours. Zayn Malik He left the band in 2015 to pursue a solo career. Horan came to the same result when the band was now at its end. Today he is 29 years old and especially he has achieved a lot of success slow hands And Eden.

Horan Been working on a new album for 18 months: “I hope I haven’t wasted my time writing something people don’t like. I come to this record with a lot of time on my hands, for me the only good thing about the pandemic was that I It was finally stable. I had time to breathe. I’ve realized you don’t always have to live a thousand miles an hour. The album to come is the result of this long personal reflection.”

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