One Direction’s X Factor comeback is already a big hit

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Millions of One Direction nostalgic still exist… – Credits ANSA (

A nostalgic promotion for all One Direction fans thanks to a special video that’s back in the news.

Video report on current events One direction. A very special film when they were still a group awaiting definitiona group of teenage contestants on the British version of the show X – Factor which still seemed very far from what they could achieve in a few months.

Take them under your wing no less than Simon Cowell, Almighty Producer owner of all major talent shows.

One Direction, back to X – Factor

In this moment X – Factor it is no longer revived in new editions. At least not in the UK. Because if the Italian version of the program soon resumes with the sensational return of Morgan, returning to the ranks of the judges after ten years, in the UK the show stopped in 2018, its 15th run.last aired before the program was suspended.

Since then, there has been much talk about a possible economic recovery, but it never happened.

One Direction for one of the last times together
One Direction in one of their last shows together before Zayn’s departure – Photo by ANSA (

The last edition was very successful from an artistic point of view, but less brilliant from an audience point of view. The winner was Louis Tomlinson, one of One Direction. It was he who accompanied the last winner, Jamaican Dalton Harris, to the final success. But it is a fact that, despite a certain reaction from the audience, the public was no longer able to change this situation.X – Factor into a true record-breaking product destined to last.

In fact, of all the artists who have managed to lift the trophy in the UK, very few have managed to achieve great success. General Leon Lewis And some mixture. But few of them still live off their talent, perhaps with a record deal in their pocket. However, the case of One Direction remains the most sensational., only third in the 2010 edition despite Cowell’s production. However, the recent disappointment for the band, which signed a very important contract, has become one of the most important commercial pop realities of the last thirty years.

The X Factor and the Environment

For the last few year s X – Factor however, it became extremely popular as spin off on social media where many materials are re-offered and re-published by the publishing company collecting a large number of reposts and comments. The last video is a feature film of about 30 minutes that deals almost exclusively with One direction with a series of clips, all unpublishedwhich relate to the experience of the group under the program in 2010.

In fact, there are no special promotional aspects, since, as already mentioned, the program is no longer on the air, and all its content is simply material of interest to the Internet.
Clip edited by the producers of the program, from the stage Houses of judges and includes some really interesting moments.

one direction is loved to this day
One Direction at the 2013 Brit Awards – photo ANSA (

In one of them, the band is struggling to rehearse I’m backsong by Natalie Imbruglia, and is interrupted by former conductor Dermot O’Leary, who warns them about reaching the final.

Another piece, really funny, shows them practicing between sticks, bloopers, and still rather vague ballets in rehearsals. My life would suck without you Kelly Clarkson.

fraud Simon Cowell

Behind the scenes, there was also plenty of amazing footage, including an adorable sequence of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan waiting for Louis Tomlinson to return from the ER after the infamous sea urchin incident. In the video, rushing to hug Tomlinson, the boys pick him up and carefully carry him home.

In addition to all this, the clip also has a lot of interesting fragments. Simon Cowell, known for his “scams”.

Author and protagonist, sometimes blunt, on the other hand, Cowell made history for the way he ran One Direction during their presence in X – Factorwhich determined his great popularity after leaving the famous talent show.

The clips also include Cowell’s extremely purposeful first decision… “They’re all really nice, especially that guy with the curly hair”… He meant Harry Styles.

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