One of romantic cumbia’s greatest advocates, Leo Mattioli, absent for 12 years

Leo Mattioli: The Life and Work of the Santa Fe Lions

On Monday 7 August, the anniversary of the death of one of the most famous representatives of romantic cumbia in the history of the country was celebrated. Leo Mattioli died in 2011 of cardiopulmonary arrest.I was 38 years old. Although his physical body is gone, his musical legacy remains part of the collective memory of people, especially the citizens of Santa Fe and Sao Tome who saw him start his career at the young age of 20.

The singer’s most famous songs include classics such as “I Worry Without You”, “You Will Cry Over Ten Times for Love”, “How Can I”, and “Letters to My Heart”. With his unique voice and unique style, he has conquered the hearts of all Argentines and has become a benchmark for many artists today.

Leonardo Guillermo Mattioli began his musical career in 1992 as a member of the famous orchestra of Santa Fe, Trinidad. He conquered people’s hearts with his voice and established a unique style different from contemporary music at that time.

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He recorded six albums with the Trinidad band, including songs like “I’m Not Used To It”, “You Like Being With Me”, and “He’s Tired of Waiting”.

Rio Mattioli dies

In 2000, on January 15, Mattioli and his team members had a serious accident. TrinityIt cost them their lives Sergio Reyes and Dario Bevini, team member. The “Leon” was seriously injured and near death. He underwent surgery and spent three months recovering. His thirst for life overcomes all obstacles and heals successfully to return to the place he loves: the stage.

After a successful career, Mattioli began to suffer from various health problems, although he always found a way to maintain his form. In the last years of his life he suffered from various physical ailments, many of which were hangovers from the fatal accident that claimed the life of his fellow artist. In 2009, he became decompensated and was hospitalized in intensive care. Pneumonia and heart failure again put “León Santafesino”‘s life in danger.

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