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After becoming a literary success among young adults, in 2009 Twilight came to theaters by the hand of the director Catherine Hardwicke and with Kristen Stewart Y Robert Pattinson ready to play Beautiful Y Edward to bring your love story from the page to the screen.

The film saga came to an end in 2012 with the second part of the fourth book, Dawn. And although there are several things that the movies did not include from the books, it could be said that they are moderately reliable adaptations, or at least they maintain the essence of the story told by stephenie meyer. But it seems that those were not always the plans.

During your participation in the podcast The Big Hit Show (via toofab), Mark Lord, who was one of those who worked on the first drafts of the first film in the saga, revealed that mtv Y paramount had been asked for a lot of changes to appeal to different audiences, with Beautiful killing vampires with a shotgun. Hardwick, for his part, later replied that he got rid of the script of Lord along with four others, rejecting those ideas to choose the story of Melissa Rosenberg.

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