One of the new series in the Arrowverse might not have a next season


The series that began the Arrowverse ended in early 2020, with the funeral of Oliver Queen, and even though the story of the archer concluded his legacy will not make it as the penultimate episode of the production served as a pilot episode for a new story, although there is the possibility that ‘Green Arrow and the Canaries’ could not develop.

The history of this new spin-off would be Mia Queen as the new hooded that would protect Star City, along with Laurel Lance and Dinah Drake.

The episode was considered as a success to the audience, and the reception from the fans was positivebut incredible as it may seem The CW has yet to green-light the project.

Things were quiet on the project, and then occurred the closing of the productions caused by the coronavirus, shedding even more doubt on the fate of the series.

Two of its stars have been asked recently about the future of the spin-off and have had answers slightly different, but the conclusion is that ‘Green Arrow and the Canaries’ could not develop.

In the first place, Katie Cassidy, who would repeat his role as Laurel Lance in the spin-off, said it expected to maintain a positive attitude about it, as he believes that would be a program very timely.

I don’t know, honestly, if there was ever a time for a program of three women, now is the time! So I’m not worried. I feel very well with this“commented Katie Cassidy.

One of the new series in the Arrowverse might not have a next season giphy

While, Katherine McNamara, who starred as Mia Queen, the new Green Arrowoperating in the Star City in 2040, also responded to the same questions, but it seemed less secure than Cassidy, giving a little more concrete information.

It was assumed that the final decision would be taken next month, but it is likely that you will already not be the case.

I have No idea. Just asked him the other day and due to the state of the world and all that is going on all has changed, we have canceled the progress, no one knows what is going on. It was assumed that we won’t know until may anyway, and now at this point, who knows when they are going to make the decisions“said McNamara.

On the contrary, another new spin-off of the Arrowverse is in a state much more positive. ‘Superman & Lois’ already ordered to the series, so the pandemic of Covid-19 that affects the season pilot will do you no harm. Production is expected to start later this year in the first season the normal way.