One Piece, AI brings Yamato to life as he dances to “Paint the City Red” (VIDEO)

The Wano Saga will be remembered for many reasons. First of all, it is her longevity: it is the storyline that lasts the longest in the manga. one piece. If Dressrosa, with its 102 chapters, were to break the previous record, The Wa country surpassed it in many ways with its 149 chapters..

The saga ran for four years (from 2018 to 2022) and is considered one of the best in all of manga thanks to the atmosphere of Wano, the 9 Red Scabbards, Kozuki Oden’s story, and the final battle. The anime is a faithful adaptation of the third act of the Land of Wa saga for the small screen, delivering nothing less than fantastic results in terms of quality and audience acceptance.

In this narrative arc, one of the characters who quickly won the hearts of readers appears: Yamato, “son of Kaido”, the usurper of Wano Country. Unlike his father, Yamato is a warrior who aims for good and saves the country along with Luffy. Thanks to his strength and personality, many appreciate this character and make him the main character of their fanarts and creations. Yamato appears in several AI-generated videos, such as the movie where he dances to the tune Paint the town red.

Yamato from One Piece

Yamato: from a warrior to a skilled dancer

TikTok user mythical girls Post videos of AI-created and animated manga-anime characters. In most of the videos, artificial intelligence animates the female protagonists. naruto (like Hinata and Tsunade) Dragon Ball (e.g. Android 18 and Bulma) e Final Fantasy VII (like Tifa). Among his creations we also find characters from the world one piecesuch as Nami, Nico Robin and own Yamato.

Yamato in the anime One Piece

In one of his AI-powered videos, we see the character dancing to the tune The pain of the city is red. This is a very recent song by Doja Cat released last August. In a short time, the single became a huge success, so much so that the video became one of the 50 most viewed videos on YouTube in the world.

As mentioned, with the latest episodes of the Toei anime, we have reached the climax of the Land of Wa. This weekend, the adventures of Luffy and his companions will continue regularly. with the release of episode 1075 on Crunchyroll on Sunday, September 10th.. Instead, the manga is on hiatus this weekend: Chapter 1092 will return to MANGA Plus on September 17th..

Yamato in the anime One Piece

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