One Piece Live-Action drives everyone crazy with Buggy The Clown.

Buggy the Clown has already received fan acclaim in the live-action series One Piece, with viewers praising actor Jeff Ward’s mesmerizing performance. Many viewers find Buggy the Clown lovable, sharing character changes on TikTok and expressing their passion for the villain. Buggy is similar to other evil clowns like the Joker and Pennywise who, despite their sinister nature, have attracted insane fans. Ward’s take on Buggy is unique and memorable for his comedic yet gripping acting.

Buggy the Clown is the first main antagonist that aspiring pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his crew encounter in the new One Piece series on Netflix, and he’s already gaining acclaim as a fan favorite. In Season 2, Episode 1, Buggy holds Luffy and his crew hostage and tortures them into handing over a stolen card that will lead them to the precious “one piece”, a vast treasure that guarantees them fame and fortune.

In just one episode, Buggy amassed a rabid fan base, with many viewers praising actor Jeff Ward’s breathtaking performance, which contributed to the universal acclaim One Piece received for its cast. Others commented on how attractive they found the character, sharing on TikTok about the changes made to it. Here are some tweets praising Buggy:

User Hopesey1 shared a video of the villain sitting in a chair with one leg dangling off the armrest and was quickly picked to remark that “Netflix had no reason to make Buggy the Clown so glamorous!!”

Dre Z West praised Buggy’s performance in the series, including a GIF of the character winking at the camera.

User @wildheartsburn, on the other hand, didn’t initially think “this clown could be that handsome” until Netflix’s version of Buggy exceeded their expectations.

Lee Lahav calls Jeff Ward “the real best player” of One Piece on Netflix, saying that he plays the character “perfectly, but with his own twist.”

Meanwhile, @katakoochie insists that Buggy the Clown has “always been hot” and that “LATE” viewers have figured it out.

@kaashimeiji says it only took two episodes to “figure out” Buggy.

@seraph_dreams belongs to a group of people who think “Buggy the Clown is cool” and tweet “DO NOT CENSE ME” when it comes to spreading the word.

Finally, Brixie wants everyone to “LISTEN TO ME” as she explains that instead of being subtle, “Buggy the Clown was immediately obvious.”

Buggy is the latest in a long line of lovable clowns.

While some viewers have expressed surprise at finding Buggy attractive or seeing him attract others, he is far from the only evil clown played by the traditionally attractive actor who has won over woozy fans. In 2016, Jared Leto and Margot Robbie received incredible recognition for their roles as the mortal duo of the Joker and Harley Quinn in the action movie Suicide Squad. Countless fan art and fan videos have been made of the couple, despite their relationship being canonically toxic, all because the actors were attractive.

A year later, Bill Skarsgård turned into the demonic clown Pennywise in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s It, and was called “beautiful” by his younger co-stars despite his intimidating appearance and actions in the film. In One Piece, Ward as Buggy is just as sinister, laughing maniacally as he subjected Luffy to various forms of torture, and enjoys capturing an entire city only to force them to watch his circus performance.

Buggy is similar to his fellow creepy clowns in his out-of-control behavior and disturbing pleasure in causing pain and suffering. He is notable for his unique stance towards Luffy, as they have a lot in common, making him a formidable opponent that viewers can latch on to. Ward’s incredible, comedic yet gripping performance further contributes to his memorability.

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