One-piece or separate swimwear for obese women, which one to choose

We talk a lot about seductive, modeling, shaping, containing costumes. Many different definitions, but they are all united by one goal. Namely value at best, natural forms of bodies, characterized by emphasized femininity, with lush breasts and hips.
However, bodies that can be very different from each other. If once the choice of these bathing suits was limited, now everything has changed.

Increase movementinclusiveness And bodypositive which has involved the world of fashion and not only, in recent years has led to the birth of many brands specialized in seductive costumes. And also to increase the thematic offers of already existing brands.

Maximize Curves

But what swimwear choose to enhance curvy body? Choice one piece or two piece model it depends on the taste and personal style of the owner. The most important factor in finding what is right for us must be made on the basis of silhouette and what you want to exalt or downplay.

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As for me hourglass physique, with breasts and hips in plain sight, but with a narrow waist, support is important. In this case, bras are ideal. wire-free braTo balconyWith with bones or American style support breasts and emphasize neckline. For sliding you can range from classic briefs to the one, that high waistin retro style. Up to higher models, perhaps in Brazilian style.

Contain, shape and sculpt

When curves become more accentuated, and there is a need for more supportin addition to choosing the right model, it is important to rely on functional fabrics. That is to say, give containing and modeling propertiestherefore it is able to restore the harmony of the figure and give sculptural silhouette. Underline or correct where necessary. There are many brands that offer this type of product. First, the brand Skimscreated in 2019 Kim Kardashian. Born precisely with the intent to maximize the curves of any female physique, he has conquered the world with an endless range of compression underwear, shapewear and, of course, a line of swimwear with the same philosophy. Suffice it to say that the size range includes 11 proposals, from XXS to 4XL, each in 9 different colors. Other brands offering shaping lines, Triumph, Woolford, Yamamai AND Form and fold.

Ruffle patterns that fit the body

Last trends but they also deviate in the other direction. We are talking about brands that have earned the favor of women of all body shapes thanks to the perfect material that can be wrapped, hugged and perfectly adjusted to every curve or entrance to the body. Brands like Hunza G AND You swim they relied on so-called fabrics “seersucker” or characterized by very thin rippleslike the ones that were in vogue in the 80s. This finish makes swimwear super elastic and adaptive in different sizes. But with Major ease compared to more structured formative models. Therefore, the silhouette is made more harmonious, but softer, almost like in an embrace.

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Another trend towards costume formation? L’minimal elegance and discreet, with more emphasis on solid colors, not-too-chaotic prints, simple shapes and well-designed profiles.


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