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‘Only murders in the building’: the new crime comedy starring Selena Gomez that will hook you on Star on Disney + – TV shows

The series, also starring Steve Martin and Martin Short, is now available on the streaming service. Ready to investigate a murder full of mystery and humor?

Three lovers of ‘true crime’, a murder, a building and a podcast. This is the premise of Only murders in the building, the new series starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez that we are sure that it will hook you from the first minute. The first two chapters of the mystery comedy are now available on Star on Disney +.

Only murders in the building follows the story of three strangers who share the same passion: crimes. Their lives take a 180 degree turn when one creepy death takes place in the luxurious building on the Upper West Side of New York where they live. And, as they suspect that it may be a murder, they decide to start investigate. In addition, to curl the curl, the trio records a podcast detailing all the progress of the investigation.

But what do these three strangers have in common? Apart from his passion for ‘true crime’, the magnificent trio formed by Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin) and Oliver (Martin Short) have a daily life without many emotions. Reason why the protagonists will see in the strange death of their neighbor an opportunity to give emotion to their lives and even achieve success with their podcast.

John Hoffman (‘Only murders in the building’): “You are going to have fun and you will feel identified with the protagonists if you are a fan of ‘true crime'”

Steve Martin joins John Hoffman (Grace and Frankie) to create this series where both parody the phenomenon of ‘true crime’. Only murders in the building perfectly combines the humor with mystery. Of course, solving the question of who is the real murderer goes to the background when Martin and Short are together. The two legends of comedy make the viewer enjoy their impeccable humor and the surprising Gomez will not leave anyone indifferent.

Great chemistry between the protagonists

Even though there are more characters in the series, Only murders in the building focuses primarily on Mabel (Selena Gomez), Charles (Steve Martin), and Oliver (Martin Short). And the truth is that no more is needed. These strangers make up a puzzle that fits perfectly and makes the plot evolve in the best way with a lot of mystery and humor.

Martin brings to life Charles, an old TV star. All his life he has been by and for the small screen, but in the audience only the memory of one of his characters remains: a policeman in a series of detectives. Therefore, it is not surprising neither the passion he feels for crimes nor the knowledge he possesses on the matter.

If we add another legend of humor to Martin like Short, the explosion of laughter is guaranteed. This plays Oliver, a former Broadway producer who came to achieve success but who, over the years, has been adding failures and debts. Now, the unexpected death of his neighbor gives him a unique opportunity: to succeed in the world of the podcast.

But Selena Gomez has nothing to envy to one and the other. The actress and singer gets into the skin of Mabel, a very mysterious young artist who has too many secrets behind her back. Will he be able to hide his dark past from his two companions?

More information at Disney Zone

Remember: first two episodes from Only murders in the building are now available on Star on Disney +. Starting today, there will be a weekly broadcast until the end of its ten chapters. And you? Are you willing to get hooked on ‘true crime’?

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