Only murders in the building (TV series) | Review

Are you passionate? true crime and you’ve always dreamed of solving crimes like the ones you’re talking about podcasts favorite? Only murders in the building And Series which one is for you!

Series and plot

Only murders in the building This Series developed Steve Martin AND John Hoffman and produced 20th television. There row The American made his debut on August 31, 2021 on streaming platform Hulu. From the same day it became available on the platform. Disney+ with one release per week. Consisting of two seasons, row has been extended for a third, available onAugust 8, 202310 episodes distributed weekly.

Only murders in the building sees the same main characters Steve Martin Martin Short AND Selena Gomezaccordingly in the role Charles-Hayden Savage actor, Oliver Putnam Broadway director and Mabel Mora Executor. The three actors play three residents of a New York apartment building called Arconiastrangers to each other, but with a passion that unites them: I true crime podcast. The first season opens with the death of another condominium tenant inside the latter. The three main characters, meeting by chance, immediately think about murder and decide to investigate together, creating a dysfunctional trio. They then record their investigations, turning them into podcasts called, more precisely, Only murders in the building. The title hints at the joint decision to limit the trio’s investigations to only crimes that occurred withinArconia. During the investigations, we dive deeper and deeper into the lives of the characters, revealing their characteristics and secrets. The first season ends plot twistallowing you to see the main characters themselves in the second season, Charles, Oliver AND Mabelsuspect inmurder their tenant Rabbit and in the center true crime podcast. Famous Cinda Canningtheir author podcasts loved ones and what they are involved in prompts them to investigate a sudden death Rabbit clear your names. Second season Only murders in the building, seems to end with “they all lived happily ever after.” In fact, this suggests that the three main characters have now chosen their own path, realizing their dreams and leaving theirs behind. murders. So in the end let’s see Oliver attend the premiere of his new play with Mabelfor which he hired as a supporting actor, Charles. It was then, as before, plot twist makes room for the end credits, leaving us with bated breath waiting for the new season.

Why watch Only murders in the building

Towards the third season Only murders in the building famous face added to cast Meryl Streep who, together with the main characters, will become participants in a new behind-the-scenes crime. But she’s not the only one. To enrich the cast, a new entry has appeared, giving a face to the superhero. Marvel Ant-Man, Paul Rudd.

There row Only murders in the building this is the perfect combination crime AND comedy. Each season deals with a new case with unexpected turns of events. tragicomic which accompanies all row. Mystery and humor are intertwined, and we, the audience, eagerly collect the clues sown in each episode. Puzzle pieces that will keep you glued to the screen and the three main characters, trying to piece them together.

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