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Only The Building Murders returns with the highly anticipated third season, releasing on August 8, 2023 on Disney+. Steve Martin, Selena Gomez and Martin Short fight Broadway, crime, podcasts and… Meryl Streep.

There are many ways to signal the success of your show: you can afford to engulf doubts, burn your budget in an orgy of pretentious excess, breed without constructive backstories or storylines. Or, which is much simpler (and efficient), Meryl Streep. No sooner said than done, Only murders in the building come back with his expectation third season starting August 8, 2023 on Disney+, first with the first two episodes and then one per week until October (10 in total). Crime, humor, real crime podcast, friendship in many ways (age, life philosophy), New York. An interesting combination, but there is always a risk of getting to the point where you have nothing more to say, but you still continue. The right question after three seasons is: how do you keep the idea fresh without changing or opening up to something new?

Selena Gomez and her 'Only Murders in the Building' co-star reunite

A reasonable answer might be: go to Broadway. Only murders in the building is a creation Steve Martin, Dan Fogelman AND John Hoffman. In this third season, the curtain rises on the anxieties, joys, efforts, and mysteries of musical theatre. The most coveted scene in the world, the brightest show. Death is certainly brutal, but steeped in a humorous setting. WITH Steve Martin, Martin Short, Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd, Ashley Park and, of course, Meryl Streep. It is with her that the story begins, the correct adaptation of the review.

Only Murders in the Building – Season 3: and death came to Broadway

Only Murders - Cinematography

as Loretta DurkinMeryl Streep) few actresses. Too bad no one ever noticed. Uncertainty in trading: a missed opportunity that adds to a missed opportunity that adds to another missed opportunity, and as time goes by, regret grows, fatigue builds up. The theater seduces Loretta, who is still just a child; she finds a calling and promises herself that she will become a great actress. And instead of. It’s up to Oliver PutnamMartin Short) save her from oblivion by entrusting her with a supporting role in a theatrical performance that marks her return to the stage after many years of unjust exile. The power of a successful podcast; among other things, it is a work that deals with murders. Unfortunately for Oliver, the fine line between reality and fiction has been sensationally crossed yet again. So, what started out as a crime show quickly becomes one. crime show.

The name of the deceased is Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd), one of the few things that can be said about the third season Only murders in the building without fear of retribution, because that is how the second one ended. Ricardate? Ben collapses on stage, possibly a poisoning victim, who knows, after a nasty fight with Charles (Steve Martin). Ben was a Hollywood star with no experience in the theatrical field: a gigantic conceit, an unbearable personality, a fragile and insecure manager brother. He chose TobertJesse Williams), a rampant documentarian to capture every moment of the highly anticipated theatrical debut. In fact, as a true crime enthusiast, Tobert will eventually support our team in the investigation. He will mainly collaborate with Mabel (Selena Gomez) because the trio looks a bit shabby in this third season.

Only murders in the building it has always been a story divided into three. But time passes for Oliver, Charles and Mabel too. They’ve never been that good friends, maybe that’s why they think they’re putting off podcasts and murders once and for all. Too bad that word definitely doesn’t work on TV, especially if your show is a big hit. And now, whether you like it or not, death is knocking on the doors of the main characters. L’Arconia building it’s no longer the only theater for all the important things that happen on the show, including the murders. It certainly remains central and shouldn’t be spoiled at all, but this shift in perspective is a sign of a story that, to survive, tries to shuffle the cards without giving itself away. Important things don’t change; Charles, Mabel and Oliver are still desperate for each other. Their alchemy is woven from generation gap, fragility, fear of loneliness, laughter. And an exorbitant passion for real crime.

Life, death: in the third season, everything is theater

Only Murders in the Paul Rudd Building -

Only murders in the building and your third season of the leopard: change a lot so that nothing changes. Fixed Points: Crime, a podcast, and three incredible friends trying to make sense of a tangle of red herrings, unhealthy passions, and shocking truths. Steve Martina lifelong prisoner of his amusing narcissism and pathological inability to meet relationship life in a mature way. Selena Gomezwho hides his weaknesses and need for human warmth behind a veil of relentless sarcasm. Martin Short, a living embodiment of show business, a showman at heart. The excess of flavor in this third season comes from an ingredient that has always had a profound effect on the series, never having such a clear impact. Theater.

Theater is a scenery, a means of expression, a set of rules and conventions for staging. Container of crime with mysterious motives. But this is not enough. No, theater, Broadway, not so secret love Only murders in the building. A state of mind, an explosion of light, colors and strong emotions. And if the narrative form is classical, sui generis investigative-procedural, the series begins by exploring the ups and downs, tensions, madness and satisfaction of the creative process. Choice of clean consistency. The brooding, carried on from the first season and focused on the risks and pitfalls of making life and death a spectacle, comes with extreme consequences. Death in the theater Death in the theater. Theatricality of violence, theatricality of feelings, actions and reactions, the transcendent tone of the narration: everything for the theater and in the theater. The environment (Broadway) affects a person and his most secret urges. And vice versa.

But there is no theater without actors. What will this third season be like? Only murders in the building this is not the answer to be looked for in these lines, the review covers eight episodes, two are missing, and who knows how many more could happen. All the suspects, all the guilty, all the innocent. (Yet) it is not given to know what Loretta really means for this story. Of course, agreeing to embody the image of an actress who became disillusioned with the craft, despite her great talent, Meryl Streep he frontally “attacks” his myth. Drawing the outlines of a giant “what if”—thinking through Loretta, how would things have worked out if I hadn’t? – the most important (but not the only) and famous American actress explores the anxieties, frustrations and envy of the profession. With extraordinary sincerity. Celebrate its legend by tearing it apart and putting it back together. It makes the show. All shown inside Only murders in the building. It’s a risk, it’s a reward.

Only murders in the building – Season 3: conclusion and evaluation

Secret of success Only murders in the building it’s New York, True Crime, Arconia, a podcast homage, and also, and above all, a totally unbalanced interaction Martin Short, Steve Martin AND Selena Gomez. Plus musical theatre. Broadway gives this third season the perfect setting, light, and color. Also musical numbers, in fact it is almost a musical. Trust an actress with a resounding success as Meryl Streep the task of giving life to his double – good, but not breaking through – and in a secondary role, an ironic contrast that throws out sparks. About life, about entertainment. Murder, you can see it.

Direction – 3

Scenario – 3

Photography – 3.5

Acting – 4

Sound – 4

Emotion – 3

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