Only one in three Ontinyentins over 60 have received flu vaccine

COVID-19 vaccination rates at Ontinyent’s three health centers were even lower, remaining at 2,829 doses

With autumn here comes one of the classics vaccine Fights the flu and lasts for several years Coronavirus. Sources consulted explain that currently, ondinyent 3,285 doses of influenza vaccine administered, 2,829 of which have been administered vaccine against him Coronavirus.Specifically, looking at health centers, the most vaccinated are avenue albaida2,736 doses of vaccine administered, followed by 362 doses San Rafael Health Center and 128 doses Coronation Square Health Centre.

COVID-19 vaccinations are less than flu vaccinations

Likewise, COVID vaccines are mainly administered in the country’s health centers. avenue albaida2,444 people have been vaccinated again; 322 people surveyed have been vaccinated san rafael Only 63 people visited the health center Coronation Square.

If compared with the total population, the number of vaccinated people is 3,285, which is a quite low vaccination rate. It must be taken into account that this year’s influenza campaign recommends vaccination starting at the age of 60 years. According to the population register updated as of December 31, 2022, ondinyent There are 9,828 people over the age of 60, and it can be said that only one third of people over this age have been vaccinated.

This percentage may be lower because in vaccinated person It also includes other younger groups, such as pregnant women, people with high-risk medical conditions or health care workers.Importance of vaccinations from Ministry of Health HealthXativa-Ontinyent People insist on the importance of vaccination as it is the best way to prevent the effects of flu and coronavirus, not just for those who receive it, but also for those around them.

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