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Only Windows 11 Pro can be installed without linking to a Microsoft account

We already know that a Microsoft Account (MSA) is required to install Windows 11 Home. However, the software giant has not disclosed the fact that this requirement can be circumvented. True, this applies only to the Windows 11 Pro version. A source close to Microsoft said that the only way to avoid using MSA is to install the Pro version of the operating system. In this case, users will be able to select a local account at the beginning of the installation process.

The most interesting thing is that the MSA requirement for Windows 11 Home is required only for the system installation process, and after its completion, users can switch to a local account. Local accounts will not have any functional restrictions, according to the source. The only difference is the lack of the ability to sync content and some settings for other devices. Of course, Microsoft benefits from having users sync their data with MSA, and in return, the company quietly collects data about how they use Windows. Local accounts have become one way to avoid this.

Back in 2019, Microsoft began phasing out the ability to use a local account during Windows installation, but users found a loophole with an internet disconnect. It seems that now the company has removed all options, leaving only one solution – to upgrade to the more expensive Windows 11 Pro.

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