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OnlyFans already has an app! It is free but does not contain nudity – El Financiero

The most common question that customers make Tim Stokely, CEO of OnlyFans, is why you don’t have an app. Some 130 million people use their service each month to follow fitness instructors, get cooking tips or access nude photos. But they have to access the service through their website because Apple and Google do not allow OnlyFans in their app stores.

That is about to change. OnlyFans created an app, called OFTV, that offers videos with many of OnlyFans’ biggest stars. But there is a condition: there is no nudity.

The app offers a library of over 800 videos, and includes conversations with creators like Mia Khalifa, Bella Thorne, and Holly Madison. It also has original videos from Pilates instructors, chefs, and podcasters. The app is available on all major devices, including iOS, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

“OFTV offers a very convenient way for fans to see content from their favorite creators, ”Stokely told me last week. “There is no adult content on OFTV. Since it is not monetized and there is no direct impact on creators’ income, we can be in the app store. “

The new app is part of the company’s strategy to shed its reputation as a provider of porn and reinvent your brand as a vital tool for all online creators. I wrote about this initiative last year, when the app was still in development.

OnlyFans is one of several companies, along with Patreon and Substack, that offer people a way to directly monetize via their most ardent fans. After seeing the popularity of these platforms, the biggest tech companies have tried to embrace the trend. YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram created ways for their users to charge fans for posts.

We live in a time when anyone and everyone can be a creator, and many of us want to get paid for everything we say, do, or think.

The average person who has heard of OnlyFans still associates her with nudity. But OnlyFans believes that the same people who would use Patreon to charge their fans for exclusive access to a podcast episode should consider using OnlyFans instead.

The more mainstream creators and celebrities you can add to your platform, the more accessible the company becomes in the minds of consumers (and investors). This is a key part of their message when OnlyFans seeks to raise money worth more than a billion dollars. Stokely said he hoped to close a deal before the end of the year.

However, OnlyFans doesn’t want to alienate many of the people who popularized it in the first place. The last time I wrote about the company, some people were criticizing OnlyFans for trying to distance itself from the women who made the company a success.

The company does not hide the focus of its profitability. He still gets all of his money from his main service, which is used by a lot of people who get naked. And many of the people at OFTV leave little to the imagination in their videos. This is what you see on OFTV in the podcast category.

But this app solves one of OnlyFans biggest problems: showing off your other types of talent.. People using the OFTV app can more easily discover new creators and shows than on the main website, which is difficult to use. The app also allows OnlyFans to reach people on more devices.

The company does not plan to make money from OFTV, at least not right away. The service is free and does not include advertising. Instead, it is a marketing tool for creators and for the OnlyFans brand.

Helen Hernandez is our best writer. Helen writes about social news and celebrity gossip. She loves watching movies since childhood. Email: [email protected] Phone : +1 281-333-2229

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