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OnlyFans bans nudity in its new app

OnlyFans has become one of the most popular platforms in the world. There are several figures, famous and not so famous, who took advantage of the subscription and social network boom to open accounts with the aim of having greater recognition and, of course, generating better income with the payment that users make to see them.

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In this social network, called OFTV, users can find all kinds of publications related to current affairs, health, food or fitnessHowever, the success of the app has been realized by OnlyFans, since the adult content is compared to other social networks.

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Worldwide there are already several celebrities who have decided to open their account, as is the case of Cardi B, Mía Khalifa, Bella Thorne and even Gianluca Vaca and Sharon Fonseca.

The difference between OFTV and OnlyFans is that in the first one the developers impose a condition: there is no type of nudity.

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The platform also includes a library of more than 800 videos and includes conversations with creators such as Bella Thorne, Mia Khalifa and Holly Madison.

“There is no adult content on OFTV. Since it is not monetized and there is no direct impact on creators’ income, we can be in the app store ”, said Timothy Stokely, founder of OFTV.

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