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OnlyFans now has a mobile app that offers free content

The OnlyFans platform has stood out for the adult content that many of its users offer on their personal profiles, but the company has plans to broaden its horizons in other directions as well. Even though it has apparently existed for a long time, OnlyFans is only now starting to promote the OFTV mobile application (OnlyFans TV), available in the AppStore on iOS and the Google Play Store on Android. Unlike the standard, browser-accessible platform, access to OFTV content is free.

Content on OnlyFans TV is free

Of course, OFTV has a different name especially to differentiate itself from the standard platform. The company says that in order to launch the application on mobile platforms, it had to limit the content available on it. Thus, on OFTV you will not be able to access the nudes of content creators. The video platform contains all kinds of videos, from interviews and vlogs, to podcasts and cooking shows. But all are “safe for work”, without nudity.

Many of the content creators on OFTV also have OnlyFans accounts where they sell photos and videos for adults, but on OFTV the content is very “clean”. Among those who publish such content are former adult film actress Mia Khalifa or actress Bella Thorne. There is even an original OFTV series called Unlocked, which can be accessed on OFTV.

Over 800 videos are currently available on this platform, completely free of charge, with no subscription or ad monetization plans. Certainly, the business model chosen for OFTV is to offer free content with content creators, in the hope that some users will subscribe to their OnlyFans accounts.

In December, the OnlyFans platform had 1 million content creators and 85 million paying users. Total revenue was $ 2 billion a year at the time, of which OnlyFans stops 20%.

source: Bloomberg, Download iOS, Download Android

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