Open Air Cinema 2023 in Sturla will run until September 10th. Scheduled films and tickets

Genoa – Surprisingly, third wave films at the summer arena Sea routeV Sturla Gardens on Via del Tritone, recognized by the weekly as one of the most beautiful in Italy. Elle. short wave Friday 1st to Sunday 10th September 2023 (start of showings in 21.15), but full of interesting titles (following the success of the programs in July and August). These are the last days open air cinema summer 2023 with movies to watch sun loungers and wear silent headphones cinema, in front of the panorama of the bay.

Two unreleased games I am the captain Matteo Garrone (Thursday 7 and Saturday 9 September) e best age of my life Alessandro Bardani (Friday, September 8). “I’m a Captain” tells the story of two migrants, Seydou and Moussa (Seydou Sarr and Mustafa Fall), who leave Dakar, Senegal to embark on a long journey to Europe with the dangers of desert, high seas and people. full of ambiguity and hypocrisy. best age of my life it’s a comedy about GustavoSergio Castellitto), a long-liver who never knew his biological parents and was not even able to look for them when he felt like it, because in Italy the law keeps the identity of a woman who does not recognize her child at birth secret for a hundred years. Everything changes when Gustavo meets Giovanni (Valerio Lundini), volunteerNational Association of Foster Children and Natural Parents, whose goal is to go to Rome and change the law. Also in the cast are Genoese actors by birth or education Carla Signoris and Antonio Zavatteri.

Other planned titles: Everything everywhere and at once Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (Friday, September 1), dedicated to the theme of the multiverse saved from entropy thanks to the courage of the laundry manager, pulled out of normality and turned into a heroine. summer success, Barbie Greta Gerwig (Saturday 2 and Sunday 10 September) returns with the story of a Mattel doll who leaves her world, Barbieland, because she no longer lives up to the required perfection. With Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. We pass into the rarefied air of Val d’Aosta with eight mountains Felix van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch (Sunday, 3 September), taken from the bestseller by Paolo Cognetti with Alessandro. villages and Luke Marinelli in the role of two friends who know each other in the summer as children and remain friends despite the fact that one was born and always remained a shepherd in the mountains, and the other lives with him as a citizen on vacation.

Between love, betrayal, secrets and revelations. Thriller of the year Last night of love Andrea DiStefano (Monday 4 September) with Pierfrancesco Favino, a police lieutenant who was called to investigate a crime the night before he retired. For those who love historical films, here is Jeanne du Barry. King’s Favorite from Maiwenn (Tuesday, September 5), the last mistress of Louis XV at the court of Versailles. Dedicated to children and families. Elementals (Wednesday, September 6), an animated film by Peter Sohn that tells the story of the unusual couple Amber and Wade in a city whose inhabitants, that is, fire, water, earth and air, live together in different ways.

bistro it is open for those who want snacks and drinks. Everybody is here expenses Participate. Sun lounger ticket €8.50 (full); 7 euros (discount for children under 12). Ticket for stairs 6 euros. Until September 16 2023, for everyone Italian and European films marked with an asterisk (eight mountains, Last night of love, Jeanne du Barry. King’s Favorite, I am the captain, best age of my life) ticket a single fare €3.50. Maybe to buy tickets open-air cinema in Sturla: at the box office in the Gardens on Via del Tritone half an hour before the start of the show; in the halls of the Circuito Genova; at the ticket totem in Cortile Minor of the Palazzo Ducale; online at the Circuit website.

the program is subject to change independence from the will of the organizers; the ticket is non-refundable. When bad weather the show is canceled and a voucher is paid out, which can be used within 30 days in all arenas and halls of the autodrome. The program is also available in print version on the Circle website.

Circuito sul mare is represented by Circuito, created by Alesbet and Centroculturale Carignano with the support of BPER:Banca, City Green Light and Almo Nature – Fondazione Capellino, in collaboration with Giardino Giardini Genova of Green Solution, Istituto Superiore “Bernardo Marsano”. , Technical Department of Greenery, Centro Levante Town Hall. Sponsored by Unipol Sai.

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