Open the prison gates of heaven

He grabbed the ball and took four steps back. He looked at the archer, raising his face to infinity, and suddenly the movie of his life appeared in his mind. He closed his little eyes and recalled his adolescence and youth, the days of endless games in the sun at Calasanse de Cartier School in blue shirts and dress pants, the memories of his beloved family, recalling his footsteps as a junior offensive tackle in San Antonio. Delos High School. Caracas, Canary Islands, Russia, UK, China, return to UK, Argentina. He had been loved, but in recent months his self-esteem had been eroded by curse words and bad gossip due to a lack of purpose.

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He paused behind the penalty spot and reflected that a man’s life can only be summed up in the moment he considers supreme. He ran lightly, and no force could stop him. He plays with precision, like a great player, but maybe he wants to avenge so many things together so that, at some point, the entire country celebrates and chants his name. Yes, Salomon Rondon is Salomon Rondon again. Vinotinto’s beacon, solving the mystery of a man who celebrated his 34th birthday last Saturday and clung to the glory of prison. But this is not just an everyday penalty, it is one of those that is scored every minute in the world competition. It was a transcendent, blissful, extraordinary prison that had just opened the gates of heaven to his country. Salomon Rondon remembered at that moment that he was Salomon Rondon.

Then Venezuela moved forward, guided by the goal and the scorer, and turned its attention back to that jersey, a No. 23 jersey that paid tribute not to a player of the past but to Michael Jordan. What strange things we see in a universe filled with beliefs and myths, legends made up and real, stories told and twisted from one to the other over time. As true as Salomón Rondón’s little prison story that he can never forget.

Scan the horizon now to see if it is possible to know that ahead, as far as the eye can see, better times are coming. These days go by whether River Plate wants him, whether his presence in the Buenos Aires team matters, or whether, in a certain round of football, Ranger will not hit the windmill, but whether he will Playing through the uncertainty will have a team that appreciates all of his legitimate value.

The courage of the night of punishment, his determination, and his redemption as captain of the seven seas, the helm lies before him. Its true Vinotinto life value. Solomon, it’s so good that you didn’t fail, as the troubadour Ismael Serrano once sang, that you came back from those glorious days of goals, songs, hugs, wine and roses Your steps are so good. Glad you are Venezuelan.

One plus one: is that enough?

Once the initial excitement of victory wears off, we have to pause in the face of reality. Losing to Colombia in Barranquilla and winning in Maturin, Paraguay leads.

One plus one: is that enough? Of course, this is the prediction that the foreign guest will lose and the home team will win. Ecuador’s four World Cups have been like this: winning almost all of them at home and getting a point every now and then to the finish line.

That is why it is necessary for Vinodinto to try to emulate people from half the world. Now it is Venezuela’s turn to deal with Brazil on foreign soil and then wait for Chile on its own.

True to progression, the mean is true if the choice follows that constant. It’s still risky to just walk on the edge, that is, to believe you’ll win it all at home. careful.

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