opening of the exhibition of the photographer Paolo Crocenzi and presentation of the virtual tour

Yesterday afternoon, in the Palazzo Pubblico, in the atrium crowded with guests, in the presence of Their Excellencies the Captains Regent Alessandro Scarano and Adele Tonnini, the Secretary of State for Culture Andrea Belluzzi, numerous advisers and others, now captains regents, and various representatives of the authorities. , opening of the exhibition “The most excellent captains regents. Symbols and identification places of the heads of state of the Republic of San Marino” by photographer Paolo Crocenzi. The exhibition pays homage to the emblems, rituals and formulas that characterize this organ and make it unique. The power of images created by San Marino photographer Paolo Crocenzi knows how to perform these rites and capture the moment. The project, strongly desired by Their Excellencies Captains Regent Alessandro Scarano and Adele Tonnini, in continuation of the already existing Captains Regent Maria Luisa Berti and Manuel Chavatta, was born out of a desire to reinforce the identity of the symbols and places of the Regency and is consistent with the design of the site. updating the Regency network in a few months and opening social channels dedicated to the Regency Institute. On this occasion, the photographer Crocenzi provided his art for the realization of the images accompanying these new institutional channels of communication. The images created were too beautiful and expressive not to be exhibited in the building where they originated.

The Regency, in its inaugural address yesterday, stressed that now all citizens of San Marino and every visitor to our country will be able to learn more about our national identity, our history, our culture and our characteristics through these photographs. The exhibition, as Their Excellencies have always stressed, is also meant to be a way to pay tribute to the artist and the fame he deserves not only for his professionalism, but also for his commitment and dedication to this project. The work of Paolo Crocenzi, a photographer from San Marino, is exhibited in various venues, even outside the Republic, and published in various editorials about San Marino. In 2014, he held his first solo exhibition “(Fra)me, Visual Travel Memories” and his second exhibition “Anime Urbane” was held in 2016 at the State Art Gallery of the Republic of San Marino. In 2022, his photographs of the reception of Ukrainian refugees in San Marino will be published in the collection “Hospitable Community” – an editorial project promoted by the State Secretariat for Foreign Affairs under the high patronage of distinguished captains regents. The same photographs are included in the photo exhibition “Battiti d’Ali. Through the Views of Minor Ukrainians Welcomed to San Marino”, an exhibition event also organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The exhibition is curated by the Office of the Secretariat of the Institution, in particular Dr. Valentina Garavini, communications expert of the same office, in cooperation with the Office of Diplomatic Protocol. This morning also saw the official presentation at a press conference of the virtual tour of the Palazzo Pubblico, a 360-degree multimedia tour of the most important institutional building of the Republic and its halls, a treasury of symbols and treasures.

This is an immersive project that opens the doors of the “Palace” to all visitors to the network, who, having discovered its beauty, may become interested and visit it personally. The project, organized by the communication department of the secretariat of the institution in close cooperation with the director of cultural institutions, engineer Paolo Rondelli, who is also a writer of texts, was created by AC&D Solutions Srl. The virtual visit is accompanied by music from the Clarinet Concerto K622 by V.A. Mozart, performed during a concert at the Sala del Consiglio Grande e Generale on December 20, 2005 by the Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of San Marino and M° Italo Capicchioni, clarinet soloist. Starting next Monday, the virtual tour will be available directly from the main page of the Regency website Until then, it can be viewed at the following address: tour / Thus, the virtual tour will complement the site dedicated to the highest institution of the Republic, together with the video images that have already been published on this site for each ceremony and official event of the Republic thanks to the valuable cooperation of San Marino RTV.

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