Operation Renaissance: Fans furious after Cristina Cordula’s appearance in Karine Le Marchand’s show!


The host of shopping queens is in the viewfinder of viewers because of her presence on the M6 ​​show.

This Monday, January 11, M6 broadcast the first issue of its docu-reality called “Operation renaissance” with the presentation, Karine Le Marchand. 

In this program, ten people, nine women, and one man suffering from morbid obesity and having decided to undergo surgery, surrounded by a team of surgeons, nutritionists, dieticians, psychiatrists, hypnotherapists, and coaches. Image advisor Cristina Cordula is also present.

A presence that greatly disturbs Internet users who are not shy to let them know … “Uh … A TV program to lose weight, you put Karine Lemarchand and Cristina Cordula, will understand the logic … Why not Miss France?”, “Shame on Cristina Cordula”, “Absolutely mortified in front of #OperationRenaissance – La scene Karine Le Marchand / Cristina Cordula hilarious on a joke on the saddlebags being just odious “,” On the other hand Cristina Cordula she is there to redeem an image. Everyone knows she is grossophobic “,” Mdrrr why y a Cristina Cordula? Like pcq she is fat she needs a stylist? “,” Well already there is a problem because there is Cristina Cordula among the experts of Operation Renaissance “,” But pk is there Cristina Cordula mdrrr? The chief grossophobe of French TV “,” Without forgetting that (…) Cristina cordula has rather serious remarks about people with curves “ , ” Already Le Marchand is borderline, but the Cordula which finds fat women who make 40, vast joke “,” Cristina Cordula if you listen to it in the Queens shopping, fat people cannot wear anything and must hide everything. What is she doing here? ”One could read on Twitter.

In addition, Operation Renaissance is in the sights of 170 associations, caregivers, and individuals who have signed a form of the anti-glossophobia collective …