Ophelia – Love and Death: the plot and the cast of the film on Channel 5

Proto-feminist reading of the famous drama, in which male characters fade into the background.

Questionhis evening at 21.20 on Channel 5will be broadcast on the first television Ophelia РLove and deatha movie that reimagines the very famous Hamlet William Shakespeare in an unedited vein. Shifting the focus no longer to the sad Prince of Denmark, but to the tragic story of his fiancé, played by the heroine star Wars Daisy Ridley

Ophelia – Love and deathplot of the film

At Elsinore Castle, Denmark Young Ophelia (Daisy Ridley) is Queen Gertrude’s (Naomi Watts) lady-in-waiting.although he does not have a noble origin, since his father, Polonius, is a simple adviser. When Prince Hamlet (George Mackay), Gertrude’s son, returns to the castle, he begins courting Ophelia, but without much success. as going back to school prevents him from starting a relationship with her. Meanwhile, Claudius (Clive Owen), the king’s brother, seduces Gertrude. and Ophelia, invisible, sees them. That same evening, Ophelia witnesses a violent quarrel between the king and queen. The girl follows Gertrude, who is going to meet Claudio, and, having come to the ramparts of the castle, does not find the queen there, but believes that she sees a hooded ghost.

The next morning, the king is found dead, apparently from a snakebite. Claudius succeeded him to the throne by marrying Gertrude.and young Hamlet, returning home in a rage, refuses to accept his uncle’s position and begins to suspect a conspiracy against him. The prince finds solace in Ophelia’s company, despite palace rumors and the recommendations of her brother Laertes. In great secrecy, they decide to get married.. The morning after the wedding, Ophelia discovers that the ghost she saw on the walls was Claudius, who in turn finds out about his nephew’s wedding and decides to use it to his advantage to check if Hamlet is insane or faking it.

Daisy Ridley and George MacKay in a scene from Ophelia: Love and Death. (Courtesy of IFC FILMS)

Female reading of the famous Hamlet

Screen adaptation of Shakespeare’s literary drama. Ophelia – Love and death was born at the behest of the American writer Lisa Klein, famous for the novel Daughter of Lady Macbeth. Books in which, despising danger, female characters from the Shakespearean universe are chosen as the main characters.telling about the great works of the author from their unpublished point of view. In fact, Ophelia is, of course, not the central character in Hamlet; nevertheless, his figure is among the most talked about and loved, also thanks to the many paintings inspired by the girl. How famous Pre-Raphaelite painting by John Everatt Millais who paints her among the water lilies by the brook as she lets herself be carried away by the current, now in the throes of madness

A “slave” to a secular idea that considers her fragile, mentally ill and lacking a strong personality.Thus, the film directed by Claire McCarthy wants to give a new light to a character who almost always remained in the background. It is no coincidence that the film was conceived and filmed at the dawn of #metoo, thus conveying the tragic story of Ophelia. feminist patina and therefore portrays her as a rebellious, determined and outspoken character.. Characteristics that Daisy Ridley embodies very well. Even the character of Queen Gertrude, who always had a sharply negative character, acquires new nuances., also thanks to the interpretation of Naomi Watts. Result? A much more complex woman than the less than flattering readings of the past.

However, in general, apart from the fascination with modern reinterpretation, Ophelia – Love and death struggles to juggle multiple storylines. This includes murders, family relationships, court intrigues, and agonizing love affairs. Like the one between Ophelia and Hamlet, which is almost in the background. Thus, the film almost distorts Shakespearean concepts by leaving male figures too much in the background. and the over-hyping of her proto-feminist intentions. Good interpretations remain, wonderful scenographic past, some of them elegant and sophisticated stylistic choices and a couple of aesthetically striking scenes. Like at a masquerade ball, where all the main characters will meet.

Actress Daisy Ridley. (Getty Images)

Daisy Ridley, yeah star Wars Shakespeare

An English actress born in London in 1992, Daisy Ridley is the third daughter of a photographer and banker. An exemplary student and bartender at the end, the future star is announced to the world in April 2014 as the future protagonist of the reboot trilogy. star Wars. Despite being a total stranger and having several minor roles under her belt, J.J. Abrams (director of the new series) really wants her to play the role of Rey. A young apprentice who will be trained by Luke and Leia Skywalker to rebuild the Jedi Order. and that he would have to fight against the terrible Kylo Ren.

After the global success of the first chapter of the new trilogy (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), for Daisy, the doors of other great productions are opened wide, such as Murder on the Orient Express. And it was on the set that she met her future husband, Tom Bateman.actor known from the series Da Vinci’s demons and who she will secretly marry in 2021. In the near future we will see her again as a screenwriter and star of a film written jointly with her husband. by name Magpie and in a few months the film will be available on Disney + Young woman and sea. Where does he interpret swimmer Gertrude Ederle, famous in the 1920s as the first woman to swim across the English Channel.


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