Ophelia Love and Death Tonight Prime Time on Channel 5

Movie inspired by William Shakespeare’s Hamlet will accompany our TV evening on Channel 5. Tonight on TV in prime time, starting at 21.20, will be on the air Ophelia Love and Deatha romantic yet dramatic feature film that traces Shakespeare’s storytelling from Ophelia’s point of view.

A new look at Hamlet according to Ophelia

Ophelia “Love and Death” is a film that touches on the dramatic and romantic themes of William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”. The narration of facts follows the line drawn by the playwright, but told from Ophelia’s point of view. Events take place in the castle of Elsinore, in Denmark. The main character of the story is Ophelia, the lady-in-waiting of Gertrude, the queen of the castle. Prince Hamlet, returning home, falls in love with Ophelia and begins courting her, but the young woman resists. The prince then decides to return to his studies and leaves before he can begin a relationship with the lady. Meanwhile Claudius, the king’s brother, successfully seduces Queen Gertrude., and Ophelia managed to find them. After a quarrel between Gertrude and the king, the lady follows the queen, who is on her way to her lover. The death of the king and the return to Hamlet’s castle will give rise to a series of events between palace intrigues, betrayals and lies.

Ophelia Love and Death: All-Star Cast

Tonight on TV Canale 5 is broadcasting Ophelia, Love and Death, a 2018 UK film inspired by William Shakespeare’s drama Hamlet. The almost two-hour film was directed by Claire McCarthy and stars the talented Daisy Ridley and Naomi Watts who play the roles of Ophelia and Gertrude. Instead, in the role of King Claudius, we find Clive Owen. The film was filmed in the charming castle of Krivoklat in the Czech Republic and was released internationally under the title Ophelia.

Where to see Ophelia Love and Death

Claire McCarthy’s film, starring Daisy Ridley, Naomi Watts and Clive Owen, airs in prime time tonight. on Canale 5 starting at 21.20. To see Cupid’s Ophelia and Death, you can also connect to the portal Mediaset Infinity where it will be available for streaming starting at the same time.

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