Ophelie Winter soon back to music? She offers a duet to this famous singer!


This January 15, on CStar on the occasion of her “Petit Live”, Camille Lellouche performed a cult title by Ophelie Winter, which her idol really liked!

“Thank you for this beautiful revival, next time it will be the duet”. This is what Ophelie Winter wrote on her Instagram account on January 15. The 46-year-old singer was particularly touched by the tribute paid to her by a rising star of the song: Camille Lellouche.

The one who is nominated this year at the Victoires de la musique, for her duet with Grand Corps Malade, “Mais je t’aime”, is on the rise. Carried by the success of her hit, “I thank my ex”, she continues her career in song. This week, she was CStat’s guest for a “Little Live”. And the comedian chose to interpret a cover taken from the repertoire of the idol of the 90s.

Tribute in music to the one who popularized RnB in France

She explained about Ophelia Winter’s “Shame on U” that she chose from other hymns (“God gave me faith”, “The fire that stirs me”, “I walk to the ‘upside-down “,” I abandon you “,” Know “,” Everyone does it “):” It’s a song that I listened to all my childhood and that I still listen to. I sang it everywhere: in karaoke, at home, in piano bars … Today I wanted her to be reborn “.

Fan of the first hour of Ophelai, of which we are still impatiently awaiting the big comeback, Camille Lellouche: “And I embrace Ophelie Winter and I thank her for bringing the RnB to France because we have forgotten her a little ”