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Now, if you don’t have a peach among your supplies, you outside. Everything and the opposite is said and written in the famous commercial. supermarket chainwhose profits are growing rapidly (according to the six-month report approved by the board of directors). Advertising or not, the major distribution group is probably now celebrating with champagne and oysters rather than celebrations. Fruit salad.

Of course, the purchase advice (which touched the author) hit the mark, so much so that it even caused debate in politics, which was definitely an indecent sight. However, in the mid-nineties of the last century, that is, during the “apples” Charlize Theron, many Solonets did not show their indignation. To put it into context, the reference is an advertisement for a liquor brand: the actress’s dress gets caught on a chair, then slowly begins to unravel until the first hints of a B-side appear. One hundred and fifty minutes of applause. Reward to Mother Nature and Natural Mother, ca. However, there are zero protests. And there would be more of them.

Today, this whole feeling is quite funny, between traditional family performances, wet kittens in front of the house door and hot pasta on plates, but contrary to real life. As notedIstat: in our country there are more single people than couples with children(33.2 percent against 31.2 percent families). Therefore, a little girl (the one in the ad that is currently the subject of debate) who tries to mend the relationship between mom and dad is welcomed. It’s peaceful. But don’t break our Zebedees.

And don’t break them, because just a few years ago, advertisements mixed with double meaning were shot from a cathode ray tube, and not a single fly flew. At most, drool will flow, as in front of Miss Del. silicone sealant who was taking a shower suggested”in food(we don’t want to be chauvinists, let’s clarify right away) even during meals, as a useful medicine. The same reaction was revealed by a closer look at the buttocks that appeared on the lingerie brand’s billboards. Buttocks of a very young girl Michelle Hunziker. It is possible that some drivers were distracted.

In the new millennium we find beauty Louise Ranieri, lying on the bed, in the clip with a thirst-quenching drink and her “Anto, it’s hot.” And even before that, who doesn’t remember “I sniffed” (script pause) and after a while the “breath” of the commercial candy brand. This is also in the group Rocco SiffrediItalian porn stud who appears in the ad, of course French fries (“trust someone who has tried a lot”).

Perhaps the company’s commercial caused a real stir condoms (“Whose is this?” asks the elderly professor who finds it murder weapon on the floor as soon as he enters the classroom, and the students who slowly stand up, saying: “he’s mine, he’s mine, he’s mine”). An ad explaining that the condom was—obligatory quote—“the safest method of preventing diseases resulting from sexual intercourse and unwanted pregnancy.”

A long-standing outrage. But this is not surprising: we are a country fanatics who, however, will look into the castle as soon as they can. See a thread come off from Charlize Theron’s dress.

Updated September 29, 2023 2:19 pm

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