Oppenheimer, Christopher Nolan talks about the “vindictive” gift he received from Emily Blunt

Christopher Nolan Reveals He Received A “Revengeful” Gift From Emily Blunt After Filming Oppenheimer: What Is It?

Never make fun of an actress’s tastes on set. He knows it well Christopher Nolanwho in return received a bizarre “vindictive” gift from Emily Blunt when the shooting ends Oppenheimer. The director’s last cinematic work released in theaters during writers and actors strike, Oppenheimer tells the true story of the physicist who made important contributions to the creation of the atomic bomb, but in this case through the sharp eye of Christopher Nolan. Emily Blunt is part of the cast and plays Kitty Oppenheimer and it seems like he reserved a good one for the director present at the end of the shoot.

Oppenheimer Christopher Nolan recalls strange ‘vindictive’ gift from Emily Blunt

It seems that Emily Blunt started a trend on the set of Oppenheimer, and today even Christopher Nolan cannot do without him. Ugg shoes. The director revealed that the actress didn’t stop wearing them during filming and wandered around the set, between break and break, with ugg slippers at the feet. The choice is mainly driven by stage shoes, feminine shoes in the style of the 40s, which do not represent the maximum comfort. The director couldn’t help but make fun of her, and when filming ended, it was Emily Blunt who gave him a tit for tat by giving him a pair of Ugg slippers. And Christopher Nolan succumbed to their charm, unable to do without them. To the microphones Entertainment WeeklyThe director told a joke:

He gave me a pair of ugg boots – actually ugg boots – as a gift after filming. The people who worked on the set know how it works: we’re there, the lights go out. “Okay, we need actors” and sometimes they come straight from the wardrobe, but they wear these big coats over their stage clothes and they wear these big uggs because the character’s shoes are uncomfortable. You know, shoes from the 1940s.

Even Emily Blunt wore her comfortable uggs, which made her appearance on set all the more exciting for Christopher Nolan.

I immediately told her: “Please take off your boots, put on your shoes and get ready.” She was tired of hearing this all the time and decided that I should join the ugg cult.

Today, the director admitted that he finds the slippers in question “quite comfortable.”

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