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If Barbie was the movie that caused theaters to delay (or miss) their summer break, releasing on July 20 with a huge box office success that continues today, those who closed for a few weeks in Turin are preparing to reopen from tomorrow. when exit “Oppenheimer” From Christopher Nolan crush the checkout. Ambrosio, Due Giardini, Massaua and Fratelli Marx are all set to return, followed by Greenwich, Ideal, Lux, Nazionale, Reposi, The Space and Uci.: all ready to offer, some in the original language with Italian subtitles, and some in dubbed, a grandiose and unforgettable three hours of a film about the father of the atomic bomb. In the USA and almost all over the world “Barbienheimer”, a curious but fortunate combination that saw two completely different titles released in theaters on the same day, but so eagerly awaited by apparently very distant audiences: a phenomenon that had a positive impact on the box office of both films. Italy is one of the few international markets where the two releases have been split, let’s see if Nolan’s film bears repercussions: however, there is a sense that cinephiles and enthusiasts are waiting for it with great curiosity and this room’s experience. If only one of the most highly anticipated films is released on Wednesday (ignore the fact that another film is released on this day, a horror comedy signed Disney’s Haunted House.), Thursday, August 24 another film that the Turin public will look for in cinemas is La bella Estate by Laura Luchetti, filmed in Turin and Piedmont, based on the famous novel Caesar Pavesefirst experience as an actress for Deva Cassel, daughter of an artistic couple consisting of her father Vincent and mother Monica Bellucci.

A scene from the film The Wind Rises by Hayao Miyazaki.

For those looking for something alternative, there is no shortage of choice: the Japanese director’s latest animated masterpiece is back in theaters. Hayao Miyazaki “The Wind Rises” horror comes “Wolf” and a small Italian film presented at the Turin Film Festival, “La lunga corsa”, a light prison tale between “Forrest Gump” and “Pinocchio”. Finally, the “Last Picture Show” announced in Ambrosio promises to bewitch: a 9-year-old boy in a remote village discovers the charm of cinema and is fascinated by cinema and its magic in a kind of new version – original and fun – from “New Cinema Paradiso”.

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