Oppenheimer: politics, genius and tragedy in the story of a man who changed history

Oppenheimer (HERE link 1 – HERE link 2) nolan this is a terrible, dark and profound work of art.

Oppenheimer“- a film based on the book”American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer» The 2006 Pulitzer Prize-winning book by Kai Byrd and Martin J. Sherwin tells the story of one of the world’s most brilliant yet tragic minds.

Nolan has once again raised the bar in both directing, special effects and cast: after Origin (2010) Dunkirk (2017) Interstellar (2014) e the keeper (2020), a movie that was recently released in theaters already promises to be one of the most viewed summer.

The cast is stellar. Eat Florence Pugh, Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Matt Damon, Rami Malek and the soundtrack was written Ludwig Goranssonto his the second joint work with Nolan after “Argument”.

And it is right Cillian Murphy to be nothing short of a master in his role, making it to the list of the next possible Oscars in the Best Actor section. He fought, looking to the future, but with a soul tormented by visions and his genius. On the screen Oppenheimer he is icy, almost alien, but at the same time incredibly human. With a wall in front, but a well-hidden soul behind.

His curiosity and ambition are his undoing. condemnation of a man who (as heard in the trailer, from one of the characters to Murphy) She is the person who gave them the power to destroy themselves, and the world is not yet ready.»but who at the same time understands the danger and tries to eliminate it. A brilliant, but, so to speak, naive person who is torn between the need to do something for the country and doubts about the use of such weapons.

History and cinema together create a masterpiece. Oppenheimer’s research is told, always remaining focused on the figure. Oppenheimer. The bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are not shown.

Nothing is too direct. One the constant and growing tension of the moment that has happened and that has deeply marked humanity. A powerful film, frightening in all its reality, in all its depiction of the inner drama of man. Oppenheimer, in the eternal dispute between science and ethics, in unanswered questions and in fear that man will destroy himself.

A movie worth watching over and over again. Because this is not a constant display of the power of human – terrible – creations, but a constant political weave where historical context matters. The power of the idea, the drama of the human being narrated with the usual Nolan skill that does not disappoint and leaves you asking yourself specific questions.

PLOT (Kinomir): “The story of the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer, whose research led to discoveries related to the atomic bomb, with its subsequent use during the Hiroshima and Nagasaki massacres during World War II.”

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