Oppenheimer surpasses Bohemian Rhapsody to become highest-grossing biopic ever

The biopic telling the story of the American physicist who created the atomic bomb continues its ascent, approaching the $1 billion box office threshold. Between Friday 15 and Sunday 17 September, Christopher Nolan’s film surpassed Bohemian Rhapsody in earnings to become the world’s most-watched biopic with $912.7 million (while the Queen biopic earned $910 million).

Oppenheimer continues its rise to success, approaching the $1 billion revenue threshold. From Friday 15 to Sunday 17 September, Christopher Nolan’s film topped earnings Bohemian Rhapsody making it the world’s most popular biopic with earnings of $912.7 million (while the Queen biopic earned $910 million).

Therefore, a biopic telling the story of the American physicist who created the atomic bomb is superior Bohemian Rhapsody, but this title has one thing in common, and more precisely: a person. We are talking about Rami Malek, on the one hand the main character of the film, which tells the story of the life of Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of the group Queen, and on the other hand, a minor member of the cast of the group Queen. Oppenheimer. Malek actually plays a small role for Nolan, albeit a crucial one to say the least: on set he plays David L. Hill, an American nuclear physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project during World War II and headed the Federation for Nuclear Research. American scientist, best known for his testimony in 1959 against the appointment of Lewis Strauss as US Secretary of Commerce.
Although the successful film, signed by a British director, sees co-stars Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blunt, Florence Pugh, Matt Damon and Josh Hartnett in much more important roles – in a consistent, page-count sense. script, let’s just say, we must admit that Rami Malek is still one of the fundamental pawns in this film. It sounds so symbolic that now Oppenheimer surpassed the film, which until recently was a biographical blockbuster directed by Malek himself…

Now Oppenheimer strives for a billion dollars

It is now clear Oppenheimer he has a new goal – to earn a billion dollars at the box office. If this happened, it would be the third time in Christopher Nolan’s career after his two hugely successful films in the Batman saga. The Dark Knight AND The Dark Knight Rises.
And to think, no one could have thought that a three-hour historical film, partly in black and white and rated R, would become such a success. But the paths of show business are endless.
At the moment Oppenheimer ranks third in the list of highest grossing 2023, behind Barbie AND Super Mario Bros.

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After all, the three-hour length wasn’t terrible.

Many believed that this length of three hours would frighten most people and might act as a deterrent, but based on available evidence, this was not the case at all.
After all Oppenheimer he takes a long time to tell the story he wants to tell, the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer (played by Irish actor Cillian Murphy). He was a scientist who played a significant role in the development of one of the deadliest weapons in human history, one used by the greatest scientist in history, namely Albert Einstein, who also played a crucial role in the birth of the bomb. – he compared it to a mousetrap (which a mouse wouldn’t even think of building, instead of a “nuclear trap” that catches people – and mice, and everyone in the world – we made it with our own hands…).
Weapons of mass destruction that have dramatically returned to rob us of sleep, plunging us into horror equal to that of the Cold War. But the film Oppenheimer It doesn’t “limit itself” to telling us about the father of the bomb and the incubator in which it was born, that is, the Manhattan Project: what’s interesting about Nolan’s film is that it also tells the story of the message, focusing on the backdrop of everything that happened to Robert Oppenheimer. We see how the scientist becomes a victim of guilt and is tormented not only by them, but also by a commission to verify his alleged contacts, connections and sympathies for communism.


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To call the cast stellar is truly an understatement.

The script and direction are top notch. The script was written by Nolan himself, who adapted the book himself. Robert Oppenheimer, father of the atomic bomb. The triumph and tragedy of a scientist (original name: American Prometheus: Triumph and Tragedy by J. Robert Oppenheimer), a 2005 biography by Kai Bird and Martin J. Sherwin that won several awards, including the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for Biography and Autobiography.

To further enhance the film, there is a cast that to call stellar is an understatement. The English director and screenwriter managed to gather Emily Blunt, Robert Downey Jr., Florence Pugh, Gary Oldman, Alden Ehrenheich, Rami Malek, Kenneth Branagh and Josh Hartnett, as well as many other notable names, on one set.
Emily Blunt plays biologist Katherine “Kitty” Oppenheimer, the wife of a physicist; Robert Downey Jr. – Founding Commissioner of the US Atomic Energy Commission Lewis Strauss; then there’s Matt Damon as General Leslie Groves Jr.; Florence Pugh plays psychiatrist Jean Tatlock. “These phenomenal actors, my heroes, came every day. The bar had to be raised every day to work with these legends. Everyone was incredibly well prepared. Each actor, no matter the size of their role or the importance of their character in the story, each of them had a tremendous depth of knowledge that they could draw on,” the director said.
The excellent acting owes a lot to the main character, Cillian Murphy, who told an English newspaper The keeper the following: “(I prepared by doing) a lot of reading. I’m interested in man and what (the invention of the atomic bomb) does to man. The mechanics aren’t my thing—I don’t have the intellectual capacity to understand them—but these conflicted characters are fascinating.”

Cillian Murphy plays J. Robert Oppenheimer in OPPENHEIMER, written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan.

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Even the extras here are exceptional.

A film in which not only the main actors are exceptional (and even the supporting ones, considering that among them is none other than Oscar winner Remi Malek, a statuette received, among other things, for his interpretation of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody Bryan Singer, the film that Oppenheimer just hit the cash register).
In this case, even the extras were selected with special care.
“We were in the real Los Alamos and we used a lot of real scientists as extras,” Christopher Nolan told the magazine. Entertainment Weekly. A technique used on set to enhance the authenticity of a cinematic narrative. “We needed a bunch of extras to react and improvise, and we got sort of spontaneous, very erudite speeches. It was a lot of fun listening to them.” Nolan continued: “You find yourself on a set and you’re surrounded by a lot of extras, and they’re more or less thinking about lunch. These extras thought about the geopolitical implications of nuclear weapons and knew a lot about them. It was actually a great reminder every day: we have to be focused, we have to be true to the story and really know what we’re doing.”

Cillian Murphy plays J. Robert Oppenheimer in OPPENHEIMER, written, produced and directed by Christopher Nolan.

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