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In any case, the second MiroinikThe fact is that Oppenheimer so elegant that it shouldn’t surprise too much. His father, Julius, ran a fabric import business in New York. Oppie he developed a sense of good taste from an early age. His famous hat was a signature piece, a mixture of pork pie and a cowboy hat, reflecting his love of New Mexico.
Another secret is a locally designed silver belt buckle with turquoise accents, which the costume team recreated from archival photographs. “He used this match buckle to light a pipe or a cigarette,” says the costume designer, “so he looked like a cowboy.” If you, like many of my colleagues at GQ, are looking for a similar buckle, Mirozhnik suggests that a silversmith in Santa Fe take a picture of it and have it custom made.

Both accessories are featured in an ensemble that Mirojnik herself identified as Oppenheimer’s “mythical image” that appears midway through the film. While Oppenheimer was playing Cillian Murphy takes the reins of government into his own hands Manhattan Project at Los Alamos, he wears a heavy fabric suit, a pale blue shirt, and a chunky brown tie. “He becomes sheriff when he leaves his office, there is no doubt about that. He is the owner of the city that he built.”

Thanks to archival photographs, the costume team didn’t have to figure out how Oppenheimer and his colleagues dressed, and menswear-conscious viewers noticed that many of the physicists next to Oppenheimer in the Berkeley and Los Alamos labs looked especially elegant. (That’s no mean feat considering how many men there are in Oppenheimer.) This, as fans have noticed, is Nolan’s signature: “(Nolan) is the guy you see every day in a blazer, vest and shirt, so he’s a fan of that silhouette and structure.” Mirozhnik notes. “I think he has a very specific and masculine approach to his characters.”

Murphy on set with director Christopher Nolan

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