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Merdeka.com – OPPO, the Find launched the series X2 – flagship devices with the sophistication of the camera and the battery life and has the best screen in the smartphone industry today. With a Sony sensor IMX689 specifically, Find X2 Pro offers the experience of photography and video to another level, which is the way that we collect change, the important moments in life.

The device is equipped with a 120Hz screen QHD+ AMOLED, the system of the all-around ultra-vision camera, charging technologies, the fastest 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 platform, its flagship processor Snapdragon 865. X2 Pro is also the first smartphone that supports the centre of a sphere, all of the pixels and can capture photos up to 12-bit is find.

Brian Shen, Vice President and President of Global Marketing, OPPO said load, “to give you the full experience for our users, OPPO has consistently innovations in all aspects of the product, starting with screen -, photography -, -, battery life and design. Display the Find series X2 a clear, smooth and professional, you will create a new standard for the flagship smartphone, give you a new experience in display and mobile interaction in the age of 5G.”

Find X2 Find X2 Pro is equipped with a 120-Hz QHD+ Ultra-Vision screen that is capable of delivering more than a billion variations of colors display, a visual revolution for resolution, color, refresh rate, and lighting. With a resolution of 3168 x 1440 pixels, 513 ppi, the reflectivity of the screen is low and the luminance of the screen up to a maximum of 1200nit, the device creates a crystal clear display and comfortable in a variety of circumstances.

Each device in the series, X2 calibrated professionally, so that the display color is more rich, precise, and eye-to-eye with a professional look. The quality of the screen, Find X2 has received an A+ rating from DisplayMate, a testing Agency with a professional look has set 12 standards for the performance of the smartphone display.

In addition, with 240Hz levels of touch sensitivity, the screen, the Find series, the X2 improved image smoothness offers significantly and the response of the operation of the device quickly and accurately.

A premium look is the quality of the content high. Find X2 and, X2 is equipped with O1 Ultra Vision engine, the performance improvement of the video quality. With this technology, the series X2 Find the Motion Clear and the HDR-video-enhancement.

Motion Significant increase in frame rate when watching online video and broadcast sports from 30 fps to 60 fps, even 120 fps. This technology makes video playback smooth, reduce the effects of motion jitter (the image is unstable/broken) and the effect of the contrasting contours (shaded image).

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Find X2 Pro is a combination of three cameras with fixed focal lengths-wide-angle-48MP + wide-angle lens ultra-wide-angle-48MP + telephoto lens with a 13 MEGAPIXEL, to reach the is capable of 10x zoom hybrid.

Wide-angle camera, the X2-Pro (the main camera) has a sensor in the adjustment, Sony IMX689 that the sensor size of the largest compared to all the sensors of smartphone cameras 48MP on the market. Sensor powerful image in combination with the technology of the dual native ISO and a large aperture of f/1.7 allows users to take a picture of the room with the lighting low.

Find X2 Pro is the first smartphone in which All the pixels in the Omni-directional PDAF with the ability to achieve 100% pixel focus and omnidirectional focusing.

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As the flagship 5G all-round, and the series X2 Find support SA/NSA-dual-mode-5G. Both of these products use the design of the antenna is 360-degree surround to make sure the signal is the smartphone to keep it in optimum condition.

In order to regulate effectively complex networks, such as 4G, 5G and WiFi, which the series X2 Find the Integration of technology OPPO Smart 5G. This technology supports 5G + -4G-dual-receiver, dual card and dual standby, with the network more stable. The device is able to seamlessly switch the network system in accordance with the network conditions.