Oppo Release System Anti-Game Addiction Timlo.net


Timlo.net-Oppo has just the system-anti-addiction the game new you on Wednesday (18/3). The system, the limit and the control of the ” long play the game Underage users or users who are not registered. The system is part of the first wave of the system is similar in that the manufacturer released smartphone to limit searches the game Phone.

According to official data of the company, the game is installed on the smartphone Oppo with a system of anti-addiction-require the user to register a user-name original. It is mandatory and must be filled in. In other words, the identity, the data of the original should be given, if you want to buy the game or purchase as is. This new system will automatically prevent users under the age of 18 and could of money more than 50 yuan (Rp113 thousand) in a single transaction. The number of transactions, the maximum per month is 200 yuan (Rp455 thousand).

While users over the age of 16 years but under the age of 18 do not perform a single transaction more than 100 yuan to 400 yuan in the month.

Oppo and manufacturer smartphone other experience the various impacts of the pandemic virus corona. But the company was trying to, this new system as soon as possible. Minors with addiction the game is a serious problem in the countries of Southeast Asia. The Chinese have to deal with a law and a strict instructions active.

Tencent GamesGame Publisher large from China, recently announced, if you run a few test games, the actions of the anti-addiction the game that begins this month. In addition, the Chinese government has a release limit of the game new.

Editor : Ranu Ario