Opportunity for Argentines: Australia offers salaries of 5,800 dollars to foreigners

Australia allowed foreigners to work full time in the country: They will eliminate the limit of 20 weekly hours of work that applies to immigrants with a student visa who reside there, said the country’s prime minister, Scott Morrison. In this way, those who wish will be able to work full time.

Although the borders are not yet open for free tourism, from December 15 the opening is available for people who want to move, work and study within Australian territory.

Morrison also allowed the income for backpackers and young people who can enter the country with their vacation and work visa. The only requirement is that everyone has complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19.

Ómicron and economic recovery

The arrival of the Omicron variant Australian soil caused high numbers of contagion to be recorded, as in the rest of the world. As a consequence, thousands of people had to isolate themselves in their homes due to positive cases or close contact, affecting, in one way or another, the national economy.

That is why, on this occasion, the country seeks to add workers to its economy and also encouraged more young people to be encouraged and can work and study in australia.

According to data provided by Infobae, the minimum wage per hour in the country is 14.18 dollars, so in total, whoever works a full day, will earn about USD 2,269 per month for unskilled work. From there, you can find engineering jobs for USD 5,400 per month and web development jobs for USD 4,603, among others.

What requirements do Argentines need to apply?

When choosing a country to go to work and discover new places, Australia is one of the most chosen places by Argentines. With a lot of enthusiasm and doubts, sometimes it is normal not to know where to start planning a trip and emigrating.


There are two types of visas that Argentines can access if it is about moving to Australia to go to work: the student visa and the Working Holiday visa.

  • Student Visa: It has a value of AU$630 ($458.39) and with this you can study in Australia, bring relatives, and just work more than twenty hours a week. Although it is intended to people between 18 and 30 years old who wish to pursue a diploma or master’s degree in the territory, those who exceed that age range and want to study English can also apply. In addition, Argentines who wish to access this type of Visa will have the benefit of being able to finish their higher education in the country, or study English while working in order to save.
  • Work and Holiday and Working Holiday Visas: They are similar and with the same requirements and are awarded to people between 18 and 30 years old with a maximum stay of 12 months. In addition, it gives candidates the possibility to study for 4 months within the national educational system.

The requirements to apply are: have a valid passport, have the money to live in Australia and the return trip, have completed at least tertiary studies or have completed 2 years of university studies, have a presentable level of English, have no dependents in the trip or have a criminal record.

protocol issues

In the midst of the scandal of Djokovic who entered the country to compete in the Grand Slam without having the full vaccination schedule due to his anti-vaccine stance, Australia is very committed to the pandemic and requires that both doses are applied to each person who wants to enter the country.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at the time: “We have to live with the virus. We’re not going back. We have one of the highest vaccination rates, so we can fight it. We don’t give up.”

Thus, Australia accepts all vaccines against COVID that are in the health system minus Sputnik-V. On the contrary, there is no type of restriction to those who received Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Sinovac, Sinopharm and Bharat Biotech.

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