Opposition in Senate presents economic agreement emerging coronavirus


The leaders of PAN, PRI and PRD in the Senate of the Republic presented this Monday a financial agreement pop-up with 10 priority actions, in terms of health and economy, to cope with the crisis generated by the coronavirus Covid-19 in the country.

The agreement stresses that, “in these moments, the priority of the three orders of government, the private sector and social, should be to ensure the health of mexican families, keep the employment and defend the income of households”.

Among the priority points of the agreement, in health, is to ensure the care of the children and families of the health workers; and to ensure that the health centres and their staff have all the equipment necessary to perform its functions.

Also look for redevelopment of hospitals and spaces to attend to the sick of Covid-19, including health care workers who were infected. To ensure the massive application of tests and to facilitate the coordination with the states.

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In economic matters, the senators are proposing to maintain the employment that give the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as ensure that the sick Covid-19 have an income of at least the minimum wage.

It also included direct support to the companies with exemptions and fiscal incentives, to support the family economy by covering subsidies to the electricity, water and gas. And proposed to prepare a national plan of economic reactivation.

“We are faced with an extraordinary situation, the crisis that we live in demands us to cope with the emergency without prejudice, occurrences or outbursts, and prioritizing high-mindedness, action and national unity”, expressed as a critique of the message that yesterday offered the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador.


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