Opposition to conditional support to the session of the Senate on Monday; ask for a plan before Covid-19


The opposition block in the Senateformed by the prestressing of the PAN, PRI, MC, and PRD, stated that they did not attend the session of the plenary called for this Monday, “if the ruling majority is maintained in its closed-mindedness” only to discuss and vote on a decree of Amnesty law.

Call to find together the solutions that the country need, and to do this raise the construction of a national agreement to address the urgent health and economic the country is experiencing.

Establish that requires the discussion of comprehensive health strategy that is still against the Covid-19that tends to get worse.

The opposition he makes to “the discussion of mechanisms and instruments to consolidate a real plan of emergency and economic recovery.”

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To warn of its absence in the session of this Monday, the leaders of the four political forces in the Senate point out that for the release of prisoners vulnerable to coronavirus, enough the executive powers of the President of the Republic.

The coordinators Mauricio Kuri González (PAN), Miguel Angel Osorio Chong (PRI), Dante Delgado Rannauro (MC), and Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa (PRD), in a manifesto addressed to the president Andrés Manuel López Obradorpoint out that they formulate their so-called “harmony, to end up with disqualifications, the denostaciones, impositions and begin to think and work together.”

The pandemic, outlines the four leaders and parliamentarians, “has led to a severe crisis in the Health system, the economy, foreign policy, and in society as a whole and in the encouragement of the mexican and the mexicans.”

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They claim that the situation of the health emergency “is above all of our differences, because what is at stake is the life, the health and integrity of the people of Mexico, and with that you don’t play”.

The problems caused by the pandemic spend because they define a legal framework to address them. Are going to affect significantly and negatively the development of the country, they warn.

Added that rules are required in economic, financial and fiscal; that arriving resources to micro, small and medium-sized producers and emoredas, as well as to attend various health and social issues.

The sessions in the Senate were suspended on the 24th of march, and the regular period concludes on the 30th of April, so you still have two weeks available.

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The alternative of virtual sessions of the Senate lacks the legal framework for its implementation and, in accordance with the interpretation of the board of directors, is required to amend the Constitution, the Organic Law of the Congress of the Union, in addition to that in the case of the Senate Rules. On the other hand, the constitutional amendment requires the ratification of the congress of the united states.

In may, in a period of recess, until the last day of August, the session of the plenary could take place in a period of extraordinary convoked by the Permanent Commission.

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