Ops Summer. The final pizzeria will be the Orsucci-Laudano Misture

Pizzeria Orsucci by Armando and Laudano and Mystere in an unprecedented final at A Table. The absence of the two starting goalkeepers, Squarzoni at the Hotel Carlton and Gerald Yeudy at Real di Mezzo, was decisive in both semi-finals. Armando’s Pizzeria Orusi led 2–0 and 4–1 from the start, then 4–2 at halftime, everything was in the balance, but a 12–2 win against Real di Mezzo in the final Whose 2 goals secured the victory. De Vita’s signature and in which the real missing was the champion Rodríguez, like a rock on the field and in spirit. to the pizzeria
Orsucci scored for Armando: Dolcetti, Maestri, Rambaldi and Cardi in order in the first half and then Grazi, Dolcetti, 3 times Cardi, Bossi and again Maestri in the second half.

The second semi-final was more closely contested, with Hotel Carlton progressing on a penalty kick, which was won by Venturoli and converted by Armanino. Lenzi overturned the partial with a brace and Vaccari scored for Laudano and Meister to make it 3–1. Hotel Carlton is in the game: 2-3 by Parisi before the break and 3-3 by Siciliano at the start of the second half; 4-3 Good diagonal from Tartari for Laudano and Meister and 5-3 from Marvelli with a fake touch in front of the goal in a face-off with the goalkeeper. Fatanasi made it 4–5, but Tartari and then Fatanasi’s own goal made the score 7–4 after Lenzi’s cross prevented the ball from reaching Tartari. Venturoli scored for 5–7 with a right footed shot from 9 meters into the corner, but with the Hotel Carlton goalkeeper, Guidotti intercepted the ball and scored from midfield for 8–5, sealing the contest. Closed.

Barça de Guendalo-Bar Nieves is the final of Scoreboard B. Brilliant first half from Barça di Guendalo: 1-0 by Crepaldi with De Marchi’s assist from the kiss; 2-0 by Conti to Estirada with a right to cross the far post and 3-0 by Di Marchi with a volley of fire into the corner. In the second half, IQX Betting found 1-3 goals with Messori’s brilliant pivot movement ruining a clean sheet for the always good goalkeeper La Torre. Bar Nieves, on the other hand, won only on penalties against San Giorgio and that too without Charelli striker, but who never gives up. Bar Knives started strong and R.J. The Alushi-Hinku free-kick went ahead 2–0 with Kuli’s right foot and doubling. San Giorgio responded with two goals from the Super Ruby. At the start of the second half, Bar Nieves was ahead of Antonisciuk, Mazzoni replied with a powerful right from 9 metres. 5′ Bar Knives from about ten meters from the end of the free kick: he beats the sniper Alushi and it’s 4-3. The ball is in the center and San Giorgio draws: very free from Mazzoni to Adondi who from the left hole Capita. We go to penalties: all score for Bar Nieves, the post hit by Andondi is the decider for San Giorgio, Bar Nieves win 9-7.

Endless emotions in the C table between Sporting Malboa and Tabachi Levigatura Marmi: Compagno, Leffons and Barboni for 3-0 Sporting Malboa; Eyes on the end of the first half and then Cara brings TLM closer to 2-3; 4-2 by Lephons, 3-4 by Rachita; 5-3 again by Lephons. Cara and Pirani draw Sporting Malbo 5–5; Barboni scored for a new 6-5 lead, but Pirani eventually conceded a penalty kick to TLM. After round 6, Bordasco’s shot was deflected by Tesliuk, while Ochi made no mistake, Tabachi Levigatura Marmi to make it 13–12.

In the second semi-final, Despa’s double early advantage with Zappi and Onesti was momentarily equalized by Tani; After trailing 1–2 in 8 minutes, Siver scored 4 goals in a row, with two goals from Belotti and then two goals from Tani to make it 5–2. However, in Despa City, Zappy is as irresistible as ever and himself
Speed ​​sinks like butter in sewer defence, gets a hat-trick and 5-5 serves in 5 minutes. In the 5th minute of the second half, Onesti replied for 6-5 Despa, followed three minutes later by Belotti for 6-6. Pavani’s strike at the end of a good coral action and Onesti’s 8-6 put Despa City through to the final.

In Table D, Salvatonica defeated Amedeo Barbershop 7–5 to accept the challenge against Autoofficina Lodi. Amedeo who leads 1-0, 2-1 and 3-2 catches his opponents at intervals 4-4 and then 5-5, but runs out of energy and goes 5-7 in the last 10 loses to ‘. S for Amedeo Barber Shop. Ferrando Colli scored, then Stankovic and N.J. Ferrando Colli scored a double; Piazzi for Salvatonica Poker, brace by Bui and goal by Colati on Bui’s assist. Autoficina Lodi were always in front, 2–0, 4–2 and 5–3 and Asso di Cuori always in a slipstream until 5–5 at the start of the second half, thanks to Russo’s hat-trick and goals from Rossin and Sinatra, then Balboni’s Free-kick and M. Bentivoglio converted the restart to give Lodi the final.

On the second day of Board E, Officina del Gelato also defeated Rapid Minante and remained with full points. Rapid minante go into the break 2–0 up, then lose Pedrazzi to injury and Officina del Gelato takes advantage of this with a 6–0 dry run for a final 7–2, a hat-trick from Gacy, Checchi Brace from and goal from Mazzoni. Nightingale returned and won the Challenge in the Family with Dynamo Nurse with a goal in the final. Indeed, after an early Nightingale lead, the Dynamo led at halftime, 2–1, 3–2, and then 5–3; Nightingale broke 6–5, then 6–6, before Tacchini scored the winning goal for 7–6. for Coppola’s Nightingale Poker and Marano’s Brace; Two goals each from Cecala and Coletto and two each from Caion and Righetti came for Dynamo Nars.


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