Ora: It’s better to dance to “JDance” than to give it all up

“J Dance”
Of Ora Friday will be in radio rotation from 7 July, and will be available on digital platforms from 30 June. “J Dance” It’s an electropop piece that takes us back to ’90s dance and tells about a perfect love story (though, as Ora told us below, it’s a concept we can apply to practically everything). can be applied). Beware though, as Ora does not state sadness and despair: in “Je Danse”, in fact, the response is “Who cares, I’ll dance to it”. “J Danse” comes nearly a year after the single “Sono in Vacenza” and a few months after “Un Baki Blue,” which is slated for release in early 2023. OraBorn Eleonora Albrecht, she began working as a model between Rome, London and New York at the age of 14, attended the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris and studied acting and modeling in the French capital, Rome and Los Angeles. Studied cinematography, acted in television. Directing drama and cinema films, video art and short films presented in various international festivals. Their musical debut is slated for the summer of 2022.

listening to your partthey come The dance of the 90s and the atmosphere of the 80s come to mind, but the text is not really a ride with little ponies. Is this short circuit intentional or is it just your way of making music in general?
In general I definitely want to make music that I enjoy at this stage of my life. I want energy and rhythm, I want to feel energized. You can also tell sad or challenging things by smiling. I don’t like feeling sorry for myself, after these three years it’s time to take my life in hand and move on. At the moment my goal is to make dance music because I want to dance, in the morning or in the evening after work, what do you do when you listen to music in your car, or put on headphones, listen to the depressing things of the day Songs to start with? Not me, I look for smiles around me and that’s what I want to give to people.

Usually songs that talk about breakups are depressing: “You left me oh my god what would I do without you”, instead you say “What does it matter, I dance”. i love it It is not really a question at all.
I thank you. I dedicate this song to all those people who feel lost in a story of their life, a rut that they can’t seem to get out of. There is always an escape route, all you need is courage. And that’s what I wanted to convey: We don’t have to engage in a story that makes us feel bad, no one can tell you what to do. “Jay Danse” is an act of liberation, not necessarily love, of other oppressive situations that occur in one’s life. There is always a way to escape, it must be seized in order to maintain one’s sanity! And dancing is always useful because it makes you feel good and it makes you feel beautiful. Maybe both my parents were professional ballet dancers!

You traveled halfway around the world, then you’re back here in Italy: why did you decide to come back, and do you think it’s a decision you’ll stick with? (I would ask you who compels you to stay here, but that’s a different story)
Due to the lockdown period I had to stay back in my hometown Rome due to various family reasons. And it’s only recently that I’ve learned that, despite the enormous everyday chaos, it’s a really nice city to live in. I have realized this over the years and have traveled a lot. But I’ve never seen such a thing as “forever”, so I can’t say with certainty that I’ll live my life here, I take each day as something new, a way still to be found, I like change or Just like the idea of ​​it. For example, I would like to live in Tokyo!

Let’s stop on the topic: how is the world of entertainment abroad? Is it really as different from here as we imagine it to be?
Some of the dynamics are the same, the problem is that abroad you are a foreigner and as an artist you don’t have the same possibilities as a local artist because of language and accent, which is never true unless you live in that place Not born , Then Italians are always a minority, nobody cares about them. We are heterosexual in Italy and we have many foreigners with incredible accents on TV, who work a lifetime and have interesting careers as well. This is very rare for Italians. However, in Los Angeles, you get the feeling of being able to do big things, of really being able to move forward, because even the most important producer listens to you, gives you a minute to think about yourself and gives you a chance gives. Paris is already a lot like Italy. At the core of everything you have to have a connection with yourself and what you want to convey. Then I believe the motto “right place, right time” always applies.

Your piece also reminded me of “I Wrote a Song” by Mae Müller, who also participated in Eurovision 2023. She also says that she could have reacted differently, instead she wrote a song about it and then went out to have fun. Ergo, would you like to collaborate with artists like him? With whom would you like to collaborate?
That’s exactly what I thought when I heard it. I really like his pieces. But I would like to collaborate with Lorraine who won Eurovision. It was amazing for me! Not to mention absolute legends internationally, Doja Cat is someone I adore, and would love to work with, Mark Ronson. In Italy I would like to cooperate with Fabri Fibra and Dargon D’Amico.

Technical question: do you already have ideas in mind for how you’re going to promote your music?
My song “J Dance” will be released on the platform on 30th June and then on radio on 7th July. We’ll be promoting it on the radio and I hope some stations that I really love, like M2O, give it a chance. There will be a Tik Tok ballet (which you have to do too, don’t forget I care!) and in my opinion it’s a song that has a lot of potential, and then the video clip will really surprise you!

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