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Jujuy al día® – With a brilliant exhibition of the students’ work, the Department of School Health of the Ministry of Education celebrated the closing of the Oral Health and Healthy Eating sessions at School No. 44 “José Ignacio Gorriti” in the town of Lion.

The educational projects, which began at the beginning of September in the Municipality of Pampa Blanca, were one of the first extracurricular activities in person.

The closing of the educational works began with an audio visual document of Dental Health with contents of anatomy and function of the teeth, different dentitions, dental groups, bacterial plaque, cavities, periodontal diseases and oral hygiene technique with the delivery of dental kits to all the students.

Then the educational workshop on Healthy Eating presented the contents of the Dietary Guidelines for the Argentine population (GAPA). 10 messages about GAPAS. The four fundamental foods, the fundamental role of Physical Activity and the importance of water consumption.

Subsequently, the exhibition of stands of all grades of the school was carried out, with works prepared by the students themselves showing great ingenuity and initiative and demonstrating everything they learned, since pedagogical material was delivered to the institution so that they develop the contents in classroom activities.

For her part, the Director of School Health, Susana Galo, referred to the importance of returning to face-to-face to be able to develop all educational projects in the classrooms, giving fundamental emphasis to prevention and once again having a pedagogical interaction with the students to instill these concepts.

Finally, the director of School No. 44 in León, Miguel Peñaloza, expressed his satisfaction for the superlative work of the students in the exhibition of the works and thanked both educational projects for visiting.

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