Order at Home | The 60-30-10 rule for decorating your home, don’t fail at the details

Time is up decorate One of the simplest maxims we must obey is Balance and harmony. for this there are many Little trick, besides being very simple They are very useful to us.

But contrary to what you usually think of as decoration There is no need to obsess over furniture, rugs, drapes or colors. You just need to have common sense and follow very simple rules, but that doesn’t make the whole process any easier.

inside last week, It’s become very trendy and successful on Instagram and among decorators, it’s a technique that can fix any room in the house Not too difficult.

golden rule

60-30-10 ruleMost importantly, it works with color, Although of course taking into account walls, furniture, carpets, curtains and decorative elements. Harmonious, balanced and simple in a way, worthy of redundancy, very simple and easy.

These numbers correspond to percentages.he 60% It is a neutral color that is the dominant color in the entire room, usually on the walls. From there, from that selection, you start building.

he 30% usually Compatible with furniture, tapestries, carpets and curtains They must be differentiated from the main color to make them stand out. Now it works fine too With texture, not just color. For example, if your living room is white, you can choose furniture in wood tones or light tones.

You’ll wonder why light shades if the room is white.The answer lies in the rest 10%corresponding to Decorative elements, paintings, flowers and plants…and they will have a strong presence in color. They must contrast with the rest and give the final effect.

What color to choose?

Primary color must be neutral, For smaller rooms, the clearer the better. This is where white, gray, brown, beige, khaki and ivory (and their different variations) come in.

As you’ll see, they’re very muted shades, not particularly intense colors (so they’re neutral), so any color from there would be great There are living rooms or rooms.

return Printing can be a lot of fun Finally follow one of the simplest decorating maxims: Bet on warm or cool colors, but don’t combine them. or one of them. When in doubt, smooth textiles never fail.

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