Organizations Helping Save Lives – Drug Overdose

Joel Terron saves lives by educating people about the dangers of taking a fentanyl mix and how to help someone who has overdosed.

“It’s an education for everyone, not just for drug addicts or active people, because you never know when you’re walking, or where you live, or in a park, you can help someone in need. Your help until emergency services arrive,” Thrun said.

The nonprofit Coalition for Positive Change offers free naloxone, also known as naloxone, a drug that can quickly restore normal breathing and prevent overdose deaths from opioids, including prescription painkillers, heroin and fentanyl .

“I admire them because they’re helping people who might not be able to help themselves, and in many cases, they might not have a family, or they’re lonely people with no one to help them in an overdose situation,” he said. Neighbor William Buckin.

On International Overdose Awareness Day, saving lives is more urgent than ever as New York City’s overdose crisis reaches alarming proportions: 2,668 overdose deaths in 2021, up 78 since 2019 %.

“We test them for fentanyl so they know if they’re carrying fentanyl so they can be careful when they use it, and if they don’t, they shouldn’t be using that bag and they should be looking for it,” Edward Morales said. Another bag.”

This means anyone can verify that a drug is not tainted with fentanyl by mixing it with the reagents contained in the first aid kit in that container.

Morales added: “Here you open it up, put a sample in it, see if it has fentanyl in it, it doesn’t tell you how much it has, but it does tell you the drug has fentanyl in it.”

The Coalition for Positive Change is also helping citizens prevent the spread of HIV and hepatitis, among other diseases, while using drugs by providing free new syringes, condoms and tubing.

“We have a lot of services that can connect people, if they want to seek treatment, if they need clothing, food, we also provide them with all the services they need,” Thrun said.

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