Orietta Berti, have you ever seen your children? I am one more beautiful than the other

Orietta Berti this name is known to almost a large number of people. Singeractress, TV presenter, career still very active today followed millions of fans. His life strewn with awards and sold over sixteen million disks. victories 5 discs gold, 7 platinum and 2 Argenta and in 2022 The President of the Republic awards her the title Commander Order of Merit Italian Republic.

big success obtained in the landscape italian show maybe it’s also related to a strong family what he has been able to build over the years. V 1967On March 14 he marries Osvaldo Paterlinithe person who is still Near. Relationship solid very rare in People who belongs to the world of music and TV.

Of them wedding then two sons were born, the eldest of whom Lobsterborn in 1975 and Otis in 1980. Omar is really famous small. He preferred to stay away from spotlightbut he inherited the same from his mother passion what is music. You just know that plays guitar in Group.

Orietta Berti and her two children

Orietta Bertie's children
Orietta Bertie’s children

Seems I don’t even have social channel and no news anxiety his personal life. It is different for second born Otis. Born in 1980, after graduating Communication Sciences with a dissertation in history Motherembraced the sport professional basketball player.

From some years adjoins Mother as his manager replacement father because of some of his problems with view. For Orietta son help a lot important so much so that in an interview he states:

“So today it’s up to Otisfluent in English and Spanish perfection as well as from a technological point of view he is very preparedhence his presence in my staff very important”

Otis he is also married to a psychologist and social worker Leah Chiari. Together they have one Daughter which, guess what it’s called Olivia. There The Paterlini family in fact, he tried to keep tradition even with my granddaughter. Their names are all the same initial letter OR for which, according to singerhas a real obsession.

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