Orlando sends message to NBA

The Orlando Magic are doing really well in the East. Florida beats Boston Celtics (113-96) and trailed the league’s great Green Ogres by just one inning at 12-4. He did this with a stellar performance from Paolo Banchero and Mo Wagner (27 points), who scored 23 points. Jayson Tatum and his 26 points weren’t enough to take over Amway Center, a young and attractive team this season that exploded in the second half with a 65-40 run.

Celtic suffered a big blow after the break. Kristaps Porzingis unable to finish game due to calf issuewas a liability for Boston, completely denying three-pointers (7 of 29) and not controlling the boards: 31 to 48.

This game is not only a regular season game, but also counts towards the finals In-season tournament, for the NBA Cup to start this season, Boston’s life was complicated by this loss. Now, Orlando tops Group C with a record of 3 wins and 1 loss.Celtics 2-1 Brooklyn Nets. In order to qualify for the quarterfinals (they finished first in each of the six groups and the best second in each conference), they must beat the Chicago Bulls next Tuesday and wait for the Nets The team also won and gained a point differential. A triple relationship works in their favour.

If they win and Brooklyn loses to the Toronto Raptors, then Orlando will pass and they’ll have to pray to be the second-best team in the East. If the team from New York beats the green team, they will advance to the quarter-finals as leaders of Group C.

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