Orlando: ‘There’s a (real) bear in the Enchanted Kingdom’, Disneyland alarm goes off, 15 attractions closed

A black bear was spotted at Disneyland in Orlando. in the southeastern United States led to the temporary closure of a dozen attractions yesterday before they were taken over, Florida wildlife authorities said.

Biologists and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) agents “safely captured an adult bear” that on a tree in the Enchanted Kingdom parkThis is stated in a statement from the FWC sent to AFP. According to local Fox 35, 15 attractions are temporarily closed, including the famous Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean.

“In most cases, It’s better to keep your distance from bears and allowed them to go on their own, but given the situation, staff captured the animal and transported it from the park” to the Ocala National Forest area, FWC continued.

“In autumn, bears are more actively looking for food to accumulate fat reserves for the winter.. This particular bear was likely crossing the park in search of food,” the FWC said. Contacted by AFP, Walt Disney World officials referred to an FWC press release. Based on the number of tourists attracted annually, Walt Disney World is one of the economic centers of Florida. with an area of ​​almost 11,000 hectares, larger than Paris.

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