Ornella Muti in Heliopolis

Friday 28 July at 22:00 the most famous and important actress of our country will take the stage in Calambron.

Tourist Advisor of the Municipality of Pisa Paul Peschiatini send confirmation ORNELLA MUTI.
Massimo Marini together with her we will go through the stages of a prestigious and international career that honors our cinema, and therefore us, who, after the award was presented to Marisa Laurito in 2019 (the year it was established), in 2020 to Mogul, in 2021 to Giuliana. De Sio and in 2022 Michele Placido, this 2023 the star of the Italian cinema arrives in the fifth edition.
Ornella Muti is the pseudonym of Francesca Romana Rivelli, who made her film debut at the age of 14 in Damiano Damiani’s beautiful film The Most Beautiful Wife, based on the story of Franca Viola, the first woman to rebel against the shotgun. wedding in Alcamo, where the movie was on.
He has worked with many famous directors and actors: from Damiano Damiani to Mario Monicelli, from Risi to Scola, Verdone, Archibuga, Nuti, Allen, Wirtz, Landis.
He has received many awards throughout his career and for works such as Silver Ribbons, Donatello’s David, Grolle d’oro, Globi d’oro, Ciak d’oro in a career littered with great cinematic success.

Unforgettable are his films with Adriano Celentano, such as “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Mad in Love”, along with Villaggio and Pozzetto, all blockbuster films at the box office.
There was a lot of experience with films such as Francesco Rosi’s Chronicles of a Predicted Death, Citto Maselli’s Private Code, Swann’s Love with Jeremy Irons, Fanny Ardant. He directed Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love, starring Benigni, Penélope Cruz and Alec Baldwin.
Together with the great Francesco Nuti, he made two very successful films such as All the Wines of Paradiso and Stregati.
She was on the cover of Time magazine, and in 1994 the American magazine Class recognized her as the most beautiful woman in the world.
A career of great success and considerable fame among the general public made her the most important actress ever to perform on the Italian stage.
He recently took part in the San Remo festival, once again demonstrating his innate class and unique charm.

Information for those wishing to attend the event
Given the significant number of requests to attend the event that we have had, we are disclosing these operating rules so that each individual can self-regulate accordingly:
– Reservations are not required if access to the performance booths starts from 20:00 and not earlier if access is only from the pub side.
– the organization has provided for a number of institutional and non-institutional guests who will always have access to the VIP area, starting at 20:00, from the entrance located on the side of the Mappamondo store;
– this evening it is not allowed to enter the VIP area with pets or even kiosks;
– it is not allowed to enter the VIP area or the area of ​​stalls with alcohol or with glasses and glass bottles;
– for organizational reasons, it is strongly recommended to limit movement from the chair during the performance
Thank you all for your cooperation


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