Osakidza to repeat flu and covid-19 vaccines this fall in high-risk populations

Osakidza to repeat flu and covid-19 vaccines this fall in high-risk populationsJose Maria Martinez

even though we live a normal life coronavirus still exists, In order to avoid the decline of immunity, the fifth dose of vaccine is imminent.To this end, the Basque Country will be vaccinated again this autumn United Against Influenza and COVID-19 The most vulnerable, and that’s where the focus has been from the beginning, because they’re the ones who get in and can die. In another year, the Ministry of Health will offer the option of a double vaccination, which involves a needle in each arm.two more injections In the Same Appointment: Fifth Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine and Flu Shot.

Although the exact start date of the race is still unknown, last year’s starting gun was fired on September 26. nursing home And prepared formulations suitable for omicron variants. A week later, Osakidza expanded it to include all high-risk groups at his health center.Vaccination is for people over 65 years of age who suffer from the following diseases chronic disease (diabetes, heart disease, etc.), pregnant women and health professionals, and the field of social health. Subsequently, from November 1, immunization was opened to the rest of the population.

Then comes a fourth shot of the vaccine or a second booster dose, which has fewer followers. There was strong support for the first booster, which reached 1,328,961 people over the age of 18, with over 96% coverage in all age groups over 60, 88% in the 50-59 age group, and 88% in the 40-49 age group. group reached 67%. The second booster dose was the least appealing, as it reached only 40% coverage, with only 534,520 Basques receiving the injection.

Public health authorities are again recommending that the coronavirus vaccine be given alongside flu serum. “this Vaccine introduction Published documents recommend taking two doses at the same time. Now what we’re doing is adapting here to the Basque Country, because we usually make norms according to our particularities,” said Pello Latasa, director of public health and epidemiological surveillance at Osakidetza.


Lataza confirms Salud is eliminating Ministry of Health “Look at how we end up applying it here because we get more flu shots than other communities, and we recommend it to more people. We’re still adapting,” he said.

It should be remembered that after normal times Influenza vaccinations, 461,903 doses administered in Osakidetza on November 31, (a 32% increase from the last event before the pandemic (i.e. 2019)). Among them, 75% are received by the elderly. However, the Basque health service has extended the possibility of vaccination for another month (whole December).

The document that Pello Lataza referred to contains recommendations for vaccine reporting, which was approved by the public health board on July 12. Since the 2021-2022 season, influenza vaccination has been carried out in parallel with coronavirus vaccination.Therefore, it is recommended Vaccinate high-risk groups, the same is true for people over the age of 60. That’s a novelty in the state, since they don’t pass 64, although several communities have lowered that threshold to 60 on their own. It also applies to prisoners in residence or personnel in institutions. Risk situations include pregnant women in any trimester and cohabitants of highly immunosuppressed persons (eg, transplant recipients).

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